Please can someone tell my friend that he is crazy and that Call of Duty 2 is graphically better then Call of Duty United Offensive.
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  1. Jon, If im not persuaded by you, Im not going to be persuaded by Tomshardwareguide, Or any other forum you post on.
  2. im sorry jon but u hav rattled me now, every person who comes on the server i go on (BBD) always says that cod2 is crap compared to CODUO and i dont care what u say about graphics caus its what people think of the game not how its grapics looks and coduo has always got better remarks than cod2

    stop tryin to tell every what to like and wat not to like because ure prefernces are not every1's. :evil:
  3. Ive tried, please can someone try to talk some sense into him. Next week he will be saying that Classic doom looks better then Doom 3.
  4. When did Doom come into this? Doom 3 is better.

    COD2 is horrible compared to CODUO , My Opinion End of.

    Can we get this Closed Please?
  5. All I am saying is that the graphics are more advanced and higher detail in COD2 then In CODUO.

    Both of you get a copy of the game then you will know what im talking about.
  6. Ive got a copy of the ruddy game and I prefer CODUO for gaming experience and graphically, COD2 looks like it was designed by the guys who do south park.

    end of
  7. You should put End of in your sig
  8. And you should stop being a pedantic little twat who cant take some criticism about a game, and has to argue and shout not only on MSN, but here too.

    Maybe You could put that in your sig too.
  9. Oh btw CODUO was released September 24, 2004 and COD2 was released October 25, 2005.
  10. You know, Most people try and disprove Insults being thrown at them.

    CODUO is better than COD2 in my opinion.

    END OF
  11. Im not talking about the game overall im talking about the graphics.
  12. And im talking about the whole game, and the graphics, And they look like they were drawn by the people who design south park.

    If we gave them some crayon and crate paper theyd do better, Ive told u taht many a time, Im not continueing this bull.

    Go play COD2 and stop forcing your fucking opinions down my throat.
  13. How the hell can you can you compare a game with a game engine made in 1999 with one updated in 2005!

    "Infinity Ward have moved away from the Quake engine they used for the first Call of Duty, and have coded a new engine (borrowing a range of elements from the Doom 3 engine) for Call of Duty 2. This engine appears to deliver the goods and when run at maximum eye candy really does look as good, if not better, than the Doom 3 engine. However that in itself has become a dual-edged sword: the very source of these amazing DirectX9 graphics and effects has caused a lot of users a great deal of pain, as they find their systems unable to cope with these high-quality DX9 effects. For the most part I can assure you that the COD 2 engine is not "flawed" from what I can see - it simply uses a variety of advanced techniques which can severely drain anything but the most recent of medium to high-end graphics cards. Fortunately there are ways you can adjust these settings to improve your performance." - Tweakguides
  14. im sorry jon, but i gotta bak kyle up here.

    everytime we say something about coduo u always make a comment on how cod2 is better and/or how we hav made a mistake by buying coduo

    anyway we are not talking specifically about graphiucs we are talkin about hte whole game experience and we r always hearing about people coming off from cod2 and saying its crap and that u shudnt pay money for it
  15. Do you or do you not accept that COD2 has superior graphics to CODUO?
  16. No

    I accept that its in my Opinion CODUO is better graphically and gaming experience. And I dont care how many times you post, edit and quote anything, Its my opinion and im sticking with it.
  17. You are avoiding the question. Which is graphically superior?
  18. Are You blind?

    I Clearly said No.
  19. No to what?
  20. jon there is no question u dont have the right to hold us to ransom over a game we like wat we like so stop trying to pursuade us, caus we think cod2 is rubbsih
  21. Quote:
    Do you or do you not accept that COD2 has superior graphics to CODUO?
  22. Id like you to say in one clear statement that CODUO has better graphics then COD2.
  23. So I can put it in my sig
  24. jon, is it goin str8 past ure head we arnt saying its not better graphically we are saying as a game it is CRAP

    and as to u first question to the people on this forum, why has no one responded?
  25. Do what you want, Aslong as It Dosen't involve Me , Nor Adam.
  26. Becuase its in a really obsure section of the forum.

    jon, is it goin str8 past ure head we arnt saying its not better graphically we are saying as a game it is CRAP

    Thank you adam
  27. No, Im saying its shit graphically compared to CODUO.
  28. soz im new lol pressed wrong button
  29. Can you at least admit that COD2 is more advanced graphically then CODUO even if you don't like it.
  30. No, Graphically Its Awful [COD2] and CODUO is far better.
  31. Im not talking about your opinion, I want to know if you accept that graphically COD2 is more advanced then CODUO.

    Due to it being partly based on the Doom 3 (2005) engine rather then the quake 3 engine (1999). And the Direct X 9c rather then CODUO 9b
  32. No, From the start of this pathetic argument you have asked my opinion of what i think of the game graphically, and the fact you can't take it you are shoving your opinion down my throat, I dont care what you think, I dont care if it was based on DOOM3 engine, You asked for my opinion and I gave it, If you can't take it, Fuck off, Infact Just Fuck off.
  33. I never asked your opinion because I know for a fact that it is wrong. You are so stubborn that you are not prepared to admit your mistakes.

    So 5 years of progress in the graphics field has made no improvement at all? Be resonable.
  34. My Mistakes? Did I design CODUO now.. Ooer, Yay Im Rich!!

    And you sent me several screenshots, Posted lots of posts and used caps lock and lots of !!!!, So now its over, my Opinion is CODUO is better, And You knew that I was wrong before I said it Did you? So you can predict the future? Amazing.

    Well I fear this has come to an end, Where for some reason you are holding us for our opinions and until we Admit that our Opinions, Which are obviously not allowed, Since your word is Law, not only on this but a plethora of topics, Jonathan your just a stubborn and arrogant as us, I dont care anymore? CODUO is better Graphiclly than COD2.
  35. Quote:
    CODUO is better Graphiclly than COD2

    Thats the perfect quote, thank you.

    And no these are not my opinions mearly common sense and provable facts. I havent seen any facts from you. You can't back up anything you have said. You didn't even know that CODUO was released a year before COD2.

    Also look at the hardware specifications. I wonder where all the extra proccessing power is going if CODUO is better then COD2.

    Btw CODUO was made by gray matter studios, not infinity ward the maker of cod1 and cod2, why because infinity ward was busy making COD2.

    Aslo CODUO is not a graphics update so in effect the graphics are the same as COD1. So saying there is any difference between COD and CODUO is only an opinion. Whereas the improvement to COD2s engine is a proven fact.

    And they agree with me on BBD
  36. Fresh opinion/observation here. I played quite a bit CODUO until COD2 came out. Graphically, COD2 is better. But in terms of the gaming experience, I have to say CODUO is better. When COD2 hit the stores, it was quite big with gaming clans. After the shine wore off, however, most gamers lost interest. It seemed to be a step backward from CODUO, with the exception of the graphics. No more driving tanks and jeeps. Otherwise, playability was identical to CODUO - just different maps.

    I have heard rumors that COD2 is just COD with updated graphics. They may have changed gaming engines, but for what reason I am not quite sure because it plays identically. In fact, it seemed coincidental that many of the initial problems with COD2 were identical problems that occured with CODUO. I cannot recall what the problems were specifically, but they were unique problems that occured in both games and were subsequently patched.

    So what do I pay now? COD2. But all of my clan gaming buddies have gone on to other games. Which would I say is the better game? CODUO. I just prefer playing the maps offered in COD2. What is my favorite shooter? Medal of Honor - Spearhead. It still offers the most enjoyment because of it's fast gameplay, multiplayer maps and simplicity.

    My 2 cents.
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