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I play a lot of BFME2 both 1.06 and ROTWK. Bought ROLegends and Warhammer MOChaos. Played a couple Warhammer and ROL games online, both good games. Not many people playing online though. Company of Heroes and Supreme commander are supposed to be really good. BFME2 always has people playing, and I play regularly.
Anybody know a good RTS where you can find a lot of people playing online? :?
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  1. C&C3.. uses a modified bfme engine. People still play warcraft 3..
  2. Does bfme not use a modified warcraft 3 engine anyway, or is it just that the engines all seem to looks the same nowerdays?
  3. SAGE engine, don't know what blizz calls the WC3 engine.
  4. I'm gutted to hear that C&C 3 uses a modified engine, I played BFME and thought it was terribly dull so I don’t know what to make of C&C using it. I might give it a try for nostalgia reasons, would be good to have the memories of one of the first games I played on the PC brought back to life. But if the game is the same as every other RTS then I might as well stick the instruction manual up my ass and try using the disk for chopping my vegetables as it would bring me just as much enjoyment.
  5. :?

    Well have to say, that BFME2 has not been boring for me yet. Its the quality of the players. Game itself is fun, but the fact that the best AI (brutal comps) does not compare to playing a a decent person.
    C&C3 has good reviews.
    Played Warcraft 3, but the size of the maps and the fact that I didnt know what spyware was till for a year after I started playing PC games, led me to playing Age of Wonders vs the computer. ( had over a 100 spyware when someone told me about anti-spyware software and couldnt load Gamespy because Kazaa had sent me more megabytes of spyware than all our software added up. yada yada yada) Did not play Warcraft 3 online.
  6. Age of Empires: Rise of Rome
    Age of Kings: The Conquerors
    Age of Mythology: The Titans
    Age of Empires III: Warchiefs

    FTW! :D
  7. warhammer dawn of war is very good, with the 2 expansions it has 7 races. its like company of heroes in some ways, dunno which is a better game but both are real good.
  8. I just can't get into RTS games online, and I think it's because (this may sound strange) they are too intimate. Think about it, though. It can take anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes to actually get a game started. Then one of two things always happens to me: either they rush and succeed followed by a message to "lrn2play" or something equally clever and the game ends, or they rush and don't succeed followed by them quitting or disconnecting and the game ends.

    I always prefer the skirmishes or to play agasint people I know in either a 2 v 2 or a good comp stomp. What's the use of going to all the trouble of tearing down someone's base if you can't do this later:

    your buddy: Hello?
    you: Dude...what were you thinking with all those walls? You know I'm just going to roll you with tree buckets.
    your buddy: ...
    you: And what about that two pronged attack, huh? You thought I didn't see that second base out there, but then...OWNED!
    your buddy: ...
    you: Yeah...was your wife watching? I'll bet she likes to watch.

    That's what RTS multiplayer is all about.
  9. Anyway, RTS????

    I think its a good classic wargame style with a healthy mix of quick thinking. MMO games need all your attention to complete the best missions/quests. But playing online is why I read the articles on why the C2D or K10 splices my widgets better. Playing with other people is like having a phone with orcs elves spaceships and robots in the background.

    Buying Supreme Commander and maybe Spellforce 2. Made the choice based on that the game length is less frantic than dawn of war and C&C 3.
  10. I do play some WC3:FT sometimes, but I mostly play C&C:G and C&C3. For nostalgia though, I always love playing a good ole' game of StarCraft. That game never gets old...

    Aside from that, I play more MMO's and FPS's than RTS's. That's just how I go, I guess. :P
  11. CoH is more tactical than Dawn of War, but Dawn of War is more fun for a comp stomp in my opinion. You don't get demon possessed artillery and British orkz in CoH. ;-)
  12. I play Medieval 2 its nice, and lately because of teh lack of time i play only multiplayer, since its more enjoyable for me, but CoH is a sweet game, i got bored of it and stoppped playing it for about 3 months, and now couple days ago i went back to playing it, and its as fun as teh first day i played it

    you might want to try maby paraworld since it costs i think 7 or 9 bucks, its nothing special but a relatively nice time killer especially when fresh to the game, and it looks relatively nice and colorful,

    I played the supreme commander demo, and stoppped playing it, i guess that sums it up;)...got bored of it in less than a week

    cc3 -nothing special, prefared bfme2

    but lately i only play just medeival 2 and bf2, btw there will be a nice expansion comming out to medieval 2 (called kingdoms) it will be much beter than the m2, since many new game additions wil be in it(except new units and such) additions of moats around the castles, and a multiplayer hotseat and such
  13. I play Medieval 2 as well, recently got to 75 settlements with the British. When is the expansion coming out? Wat else is in it other then the addition of moats? U got a link?

    SupCom is really good tho, give it a try.
  14. Hi, check out the main site www.totalwar.com and lok for the kingdoms expansion, there will be an addition of 150 new units 13 new factions(if im not mistaken) and 3 or 4 new campaigns, and a new multiplayer mode, hotseat, g2g ...hope this helped a bit
  15. These are the RTS games that I play:

    Supreme Commander
    Battle For Middle Earth II
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