What games can i play?

What games could i play with these specs

-intel pentuim core 2 duo
-1gb ddr ram
-nvidia geforce 7300sl turbo cache
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  1. ummmm super mario bros. :P i darno dude. you've got a great start to a gaming machine but your GPU is seriously letting it down. Try and get a hold of at least a 7600GT and then you'll have a chance at playing some games.
  2. I agree - if you really want to game drop $80 on a 7600 GT and you'll be able to play most games well (at 1024x768 at least). Even Oblivion.

    Best investment you'll ever make.
  3. GPU is trash
    throw it away :(

    like a previous poster has already said, get a better vid card, then you can play some games!!

    other than that the comp is good
  4. Get ut2004 and come play carball. :P

    Otherwise get a new vid card like everyone is saying. :( You could play guildwars.
  5. 7300 isn't bad, I had a 6600 PCI-E that ran Oblivion at highest with like 35 frames :P you can definately play most games today, just mess with your settings, you probably won't be able to run EVERY game on highest, but most at least. Btw Intel sucks, get AMD :D
  6. Oblivion at highest with a 6600?? Maybe a super high clocked gddr2 model... But i couldn't run oblivion nicely with my old 6600 (550/550, ddr1 model)
  7. Meh, like I said, 35 frames. it would lag outside but I got it to do it, and it wasn't overclocked, I had to turn the resolution down to 800x600 aswell.
  8. :lol: 35FPS inside.. thats nothing :P

    Ahh well.. the 6600 was great in its time :)
  9. Yes sir indeed, I Love nVidia :D
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