PS3 Folding@Home numbers false?

I found this to be interesting.

It says that 250,000 PS3's are participating in folding, not sure if that is according to Sony or not. But if you go to the Standford folding site,
they claim only 29,457 PS3's are participating. Who is spreading false info? Did THG mess the number's up? Or is Sony spreading false info? Thoughts?
Seems more likely that the 250,000 number is wrong, but it's good advertising to say that 250,000 PS3 owners are folding. Imagine if it were true though, it would have increased by 3400 Teraflops, 3.4 petaflops, and with the rest of the computers would be close to or over 4 petaflops. That's allot of FLOPS.


Edit: piggybacking this off of a comment from Flasher702.
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  1. My answer is Who cares really? No tell me who Cares and why?

    but i did see this as well, its funny it points you to the folding home page that has not been updated in months? so where do they get there info from?
  2. I don't know who cares. How am I supposed to know? I just thought it was interesting, so I thought I would post it.


    Edit: I am really just curious if it is Sony falsifying the numbers or if THG screwed them up.
  3. I can't check from work, but could the quoted numbers on the Stanford site be for currently active systems doing the folding, rather than total number that CAN do it? For Stanford to know how many ps3's in total are doing folding AT ALL EVER, they would have to record mac addresses or IP's to be able to count the number of unique systems doing the work. That number could be the higher one perhaps?
  4. There must be a ton of people like me, who did folding on ps3 for like a week, but found better things to use the ps3 for. So i guess i could be part of the 250k?
    I dont care about curing cancer or aids i just liked the visualization features.

    I found this:

    How are the number of active machines calculated?
    One central problem in distributed computing is the calculation of how many computers are actively part of the project. Many projects merely cite the "total number of devices", i.e. the number of computers to ever be a part of the calculation. This can of course grossly overestimate the current power of the distributed computing network.

    Instead, we calculate the number of "active" clients, i.e. machines that have returned work recently. Active PS3's are defined as those which have returned WUs within 2 days. This is a much shorter timeout than what we set for normal CPU clients, as the PS3 clients Work Unit deadline is much shorter (typically 2 days). However, as we communicate with the distributed clients fairly infrequently (no more frequently than every 8 hours), it is hard to precisely know how many machines are running and these numbers are best used as an order of magnitude estimate of the power of our network.
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