SH6 using TV as monitor>?

My Abit BH6 gave up the ghost and I replaced it with Abit SH6. So far, I was happier with the BH6 but the idea of ATA100 as standard sold me.
The "on board" video seems ok on my monitor. My standard video cards have all been ATI All in Wonder or @Play boards which means that they have had TV out as a standard. Since the AGP buffer is limited to 64 MB, I was considering trying to find the plug in cable that uses the onboard video instead of ploping in a video card.
Has anybody used this board connected to a TV?
How do I shop for the necessary cable or card that fits between the AGP and first PCI slot?

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  1. I don't know where you'll find the cable, but I do know the BH6 outperformed the SH6 for two reasons, better memory access and higher AGP buffer settings. I've used many of both boards and generally score about 2-7% higher with the BX than the i815E, around 5% in 3D-Mark 2001. BTW, I repair boards, send me your BH6. And while you're at it, make me an offer on a BE6-II.

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