Games that lived up to the hype or blew you away.

Console or PC, either one doesn't matter.
For me it would be:

1. Deus Ex - I got a hold of this late but when I played it a year after it's release it still held it's value.
2. Planescape Torment - I expected a Baldurs Gate but was blown away by the storyline. Probably the best story In a game.
3. Resident Evil - I was actually a little scared to turn the corner in that game. I was playing at nighttime and when the dogs jumped through the window I actually jumped.
4. Everquest - I have a love/hate relationship but I still find myself playing it 2-3 times a week and this is after 3 years. How many people can say they haven't stopped playing a game for 3 years?
5. Gemstone - For me the text version of Everquest, it was equally addictive and in so many ways better. But once UO came out text based MuD's wer dead for me.
6. Halo - I didn't like it at first but after a couple of hours playing it I found myself loving everything about that game. (Controlling the Ghost and the Warthog in that game is more fun than any car game I've ever tried)
7. Day of Defeat - It's a Halflife mod but it's still the most fun I've had playing in a WWII war game.
8. Capcom Vs SNK2 - The one at the arcade, I've dumped endless amounts of quarters into that game. It's finally coming to the Xbox Live as well. Playing against the computer in fighting games sucks.
9. Star Control 2 I played it on the 3do(anyone remember that system?) it had a good storyline, fun combat and a huge world to explore.

I'm leaving the oldies out because that's someone elses thread. But feel free to include them if ya like. I'm sure I've left some out or could come up with more but I dont want to try and make a top 25 (I got work to do)

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  1. half life was really fun, great story line, great action, challenging problem solving. another is grand theft auto 3. that game was very addictive! exelent story line, wasnt very hard at all though. thing i found really stupid was money was never a problem. i always had plenty of cash for anything i needed. when i got to that guys army depot i dropped probly 100 grand on weapons, i barely needed more than what i could find on the street, the guns were fun though : )

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  2. First game that comes to mind would be the original Civilization. I heard from my brother how much it kicked ass, and I wasn't disappointed

    Then there's the first lan party I ever went to (like 5 guys at a buddy's house) where I played Starcraft played for the first time

    It's all good ^_^
  3. star craft is another one, it didnt really blow me away but it saved me and my friends from bordom most days in the summer.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  4. Splinter Cell ( Just getting into this one, good so far, but can't reccomend it yet)
    Soldier of Fortune Platinum (Excellent FPS)
    Aliens vs Predator 2 with Primal Hunt Expansion Pack (Good Heartpounder)
    Serious Sam the Second Encounter (Probably the Funnest FPS I've Played)

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  5. I used to play mostly RPG games and avoided FPS because of this misconception I had formed that they were no more than glorified arcade games. ...That was until I played a demo of MOHAA. I was blown away by the whole experience. I bought the retail copy a few weeks later and have a new outlook on the whole FPS genre.
  6. Off the top of my head:

    Really old stuff:

    Pyramid of Peril
    Art of war
    Lode Runner
    Guns and Butter
    Super Mario Brothers
    Ikari Warriors
    Dig Dug

    More recent:

    The civilization and call to power games
    The forgotten realms games
    Neverwinter Nights
    Unreal Tournament
    Age of Empires
    Max Payne
    Dungeon Siege
    Warcraft 1 and 2
    Diablo II
    Black and White
    Medal of Honor
    Operation Flashpoint
    Jedi Knight 2
    Sim City
    Grand Theft Auto
    Tony Hawk 3
    Serious Sam
    Rainbow Six and company

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  7. Quake 2 (Because it's the first game I saw on my first Voodoo2 :smile: )

    Quake 3

    Baldur's Gate 2 (Call me sentimental, but I actually liked the romance stuff hehe)

    RTCW (Although there weren't enough levels in the beginning.)

    Empire Earth (There was no hype but it's a great game! Too bad it suffers from Sierra servers.)

    Battlefield 1942

    Half-life (First game I played where NPC's seemed interactive. Other than trying to kill you, that is. And the it was the first game I played that seemed to have a progressive A.I.)

    Warcraft II


    Diablo (Great story-line)

    Red Faction (No hype, but the 3D engine is awesome. You can blow up EVERYTHING in Red Faction. If you've never played it, you can buy it for $29.99 and it's a blast, guaranteed! Nothing like using your rocket launcher to tunnel a hole through a mountain to get to the other side hehehe.)


    Unreal 2 (NOT!)

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  8. quake 2, half-life, thief and no one lives forever. a game without much hype that ive been playing for years over and over is serious sam.

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  9. Quote:
    a game without much hype that ive been playing for years over and over is serious sam.

    I totally agree, there was just something really fun, and addictive about that game.

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  10. 1. Medal of Honour : Allied Assault (my all-time favourite).
    2. Clive Barker's Undying (thrill and horror).
    3. Serious Sam SE (fun, fun, fun) and Max Payne.
  11. I like 3 of the 4 you listed.

    Here's my order

    1) Max Payne
    2) Both MOHHAA and Clive Barker's Undying

    Haven't played Serious Sam

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  12. Another vote for Starcraft and Everquest, but most of the games that blew me away weren't for PC. I loved Super Mario Kart, Metal Gear Solid, the original Zelda, and the original Phantasy Star. The first game to blow me away? Defender.

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  13. Ahh, Defender! I remember actually breaking a sweat playing that game in the Arcade.

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  14. Medal of Honor AA and Warcraft II for me (Haven't played WC-III yet)

    War Eagle
  15. Some of my favorite remakes:

    Warcraft II AND III (I really like the 3d one best).
    Counterstrike beta 3 (does that count?)
    FallOut II
  16. Jet Pack Willy on my Sinclair Spectrum.

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  17. probably the best is Splinter Cell! and a few others are
    Myst 3
    Command and Conquer Generals

    are some of my favourites

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  18. Legacy of Time. My friend got it for me and it was 4 CD's back in the day, so I was already like whoah. Then it included all of these long cut scenes which were cool. It was the first real cinematic game. Just too cool. If only they had continued the series...

  19. No one has mentioned Operation Flashpoint - it's definitely one of my favorite games of all time. I barely touch any of my other hundred or so games. There are always people in Gamespy up for a real fine war sim.

    Then there's Max Payne - even on my shitty old computer, the graphics on that were amazing. When my new system is put together, I'm going to go out buy the game and crank up every single feature on my computer, and THEN I will have a blast.

    One last one is Whiplash. I got the demo with my first computer (about 8 or 9 years ago), and I loved it. It wasn't until about three years ago I was able to find the game, and that was on the discount shelf at Staples. I picked it up, and kept on loving it. It's just a great game, plain and simple. The physics suck, there's no body damage, but as you hit more and more stuff, your car's physics get harder and harder, your engine spouts more and more flames, until BOOM!!! you explode. The greatest thrill was to put on god mode and drive the wrong way down the straightaway, smashing into cars at full blast and watching them erupt in flames while your own car barely loses any momentum. It was just so much fun. Plus, for the age, the sound track wasn't too bad either. I strongly suggest you try to find it. It's worth the money. It's more arcade/humorous than meant to be a real racing sim.

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  20. 1. America's Army
    2. Deus Ex
    3. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    4. HALF LIFE and Opposing Force

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  21. lol.. i must throw another vote for Everquest.. aka Everqurack and aptly named so. been playin for over 2 years and i still love it. havent played many games since then or even looked. but i will throw a vote for Unreal, and both Serious Sams...
  22. Deus EX
    All Half Lifes
    Splinter Cell
    Syfen Filter
    Metal Gear
    Unreal Tournament
    Unreal Tournament 2003 (after they started to get the bugs worked out)
    All Wing Commanders
    Duke Nukem
    Falcon 4.0
    Grand Turismo
    Gotham Racing
    Abes Oddesey

    I am shure there is more.. let me think on it.
    Take care all.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
  23. For my computer Deus Ex, Quake 3, Riven completely blew me away. I would spend hours at a time playing each game, couldn't get enough of them either.

    For Consoles:
    Super NES. The legend of Zelda: a link to the past. Super Metroid (play that one still today), street fighter II and super street fighter II, Killer Instinct.

    For Nintendo 64, legend of zelda ocarina of time, super mario kart.

    3do: Road Rash, Shockwave, return fire

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  24. My all time favorite game...

    Defender of the Crown..Yup...I'm an old fart...

    Followed by The Bard's Tale Trilogy..
    Followed by AutoDuel..
    Followed by Ultima 1 through 189378993898493984..
    Followed by Full Throttle
    Followed byGrim Fandango

    But since the advent of 3D rendering...

    RTCW (I'm pissed they cancelled the Expansion)
    Hitman and Hitman 2
    Max Payne (Kung Fu Mod rules!!)
    Ghost Recon
    Mechwarrior (All of them)
    AvP 1 (AvP 2 was mediocre)
    Deus Ex
    Blade of Darkness (If you had enough ummph in your PC to make it run, this thing was a resource HAWG)


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  25. MOHAA, the Baldurs Gate series, and Diablo all owe me several lost weekends.
  26. I'm a big RPG nut, so I was blown away by Morrowind.
    The open-ended style of gameplay and realism of the world left me very impressed. Mostly because of the 'freedom of choices' open-ended game design. That is what really impressed me (more-so than other RPG's). So did Daggerfall during its own time...(do I sound biased or impartial??? heheh )

    And most definetely The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time. Definetely one of the most fun game's ive ever played (too bad the replay-ability isn't so hot).

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  27. Riven
    Shogun Total War

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  28. I give another vote for roadrash that game was so sweet back in the day.

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  29. I can't believe noone has mentioned Wizardry : proving grounds of the mad overlord for the original nes ( I still have it and is now worth some good money) and how about Crystalis? oh and the original super mario bros.. actually recorded myself with a vcr beating it in 20 minutes without skipping lol
  30. G.O.W
  31. Elite. On old Amiga. :)
  32. Stop bumping a thread from 2003...
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