can't install W98 on laptop w/ 1 drive bay!

OK. I've got a Compaq laptop that has the interchangeable CDROM/Floppy drive bay. The harddrive is newly formatted and I'm ready to install Win98. How the heck am I supposed to load the CDROM drivers if I can't have the cdrom AND floppy installed simultaneously? In other words, I need the floppy drive in there to boot from and to load the dos cdrom drivers...but at the same time I need the cdrom drive! There are no other options for hooking up a cdrom or floppy on this computer...
what the heck can I do :)
Any help would be great.

Brian C
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  1. If you have access to a Win 2K profesional cd install that. If has much better support for laptops than 98, and you won't have to search for drivers either.

    But to the 98 thing, go into the bios and set the laptop to boot to the cd first and it should start right up.

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  2. Win98 CD is a bootable CD. Just put that into you cdrom drive and set your bios to boot from CDROM. Problem solved, the CD is a booting the machine and installing the OS. One thing Microsoft did right.

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  3. just a note, Win98 SE upgrade discs are not bootable.
    depends on what disc he uses to install...

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