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i have some problem. i install windows7 in my laptop but that time i think some problem ro not proper install sothat i again ( secend time) install windows7. now in my laptop when i start that is not open direct their have two same program windows7 and i need chose one then press inter key. so now i want to remove one and open my laptop direct please how to do this kindly send ansure in this e mail address,
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    Ahh the reason you have two windows 7 options on boot up is because when you re-installed windows you didnt format the HDD - so now the second instalation has been done on a smaller patition of your HDD.

    Wehn you boot into windows go to the "RUN" tab in under the start button and type "MSCONFIG"

    you can then this opens the MS configuration utility - click on the Boot tab and you will see the boot options for both windows 7 installations. Select the wrong one and remove it.
  2. do a clean install after you format your hard drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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