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Hi all,

Recently I installed Windows 8 in my MacBook Pro (15" with 500GB hard drive, Early 2011 model).
And here is how I partitioned it:
Partition 01 (80 GB) : OS X Mountain Lion
Partition 02 (340 GB) : Common Storage (HFS+)
Partition 03 (80 GB) : Windows 8

Now to access the 'Common Storage' from Windows, I tried 'MacDrive' which didnt work in Windows 8 then I tried Paragon HFS+ for Windows and it worked, now I am able to access both the HFS+ from windows but with two problems in playing media files.

1. Not able to play media files using the Music app from the Metro apps. (Not a big issue)
2. Windows media player is able to play the files from the HFS+ but it doesn't recognize the mp3 tags from the audio files. So I am not able load the same iTunes library here in Windows.

Any thoughts???
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  1. Does it recognize the tags properly if you move (or copy) the file in question to the partition with Windows 8?
  2. No.. I tried copying a file to the desktop and tried.. It didn't recognize..
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