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I bought a ZT Systems computer about a year ago. It came pre-installed with Vista. After numerous crashes down to the black screen, I was told that Windows 7 was a more stable OS. We did a clean install, and all was well for about a month. Then another black screen crash. Reinstalled, and another crash. Did custom install yesterday. Was running long enough to run a registry cleaner and install antivirus software. Crashed during antivirus scan. Now I am stuck in an endless repair loop. I allowed the system to complete each repair cycle, regardless of how long it took. If I can get to the desktop, it will just crash, then back into the loop. I receive messages indicating startup repair cannot fix the problem. Computer says there are no restore points. Now, the repair loop does not recognize keyboard prompts, so I cannot try to reinstall again. Help?
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  1. start the computer get into BIOS and look at systemMonitor(where the temp shut down area is), don't want to restart my computer right now, see if you have a heat issue first, or better yet if you can look inside and see if you have a lot of dirt, lint, junk on the CPU fan and heatsink
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