WTB wow,rs2,gw,ff11 GOLD, WTT wow key and gamecard for gold

1 .We are a professional company who is engaged in fictitious game currency trade, if you have any needs about selling your gold, please connect our online employee to get the help.

2 .Besides purchasing the gold, we still offer the service about exchange cdkey, gamecard for gold at the same time.

3 .There are several places that still need improvement about our website, however, we firmly believe that we'll get better in the future.

4. Nowsdays, we only support some kinds of terms of payments, that is, the paypal, e-gold and western union.

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  1. omg horrid prices.....3 bucks for 100g in WoW...****** offers like 15-20 for that
  2. oh and not to mention u look like u made this website in about 10 mins and made some goofy scam emails...
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