Need some help troubleshooting my dead PC

After 2 months of solid running, my home built PC died. My wife went into my office and noticed that there was no signal going to the monitor even thought the power for both the machine and monitor were turned on. The hard drive light and the light on my cd burner were both on (not blinking) and the atx power switch on the front would not turn off the computer. She turned off the surge protector to power it down. When I got home, I removed the case and powered it on. All the fans (including the fan on my AGP GeForce 4 Ti4600) were running and the hard drive light and cd rom light came on (again no blinking). The GeForce is the only expansion card in the computer. The monitor never received a signal and the power switch again failed to shut off the machine. I have an ASUS P4T-533-C with a 2.4 GHZ P4 (533 fsb) and a pair of PC-800 RDRAM Rimms. Interesting was the fact that both CDRom drives would not open until I rebooted with the ide cables removed. I tried swapping in a new power supply and an old AGP GeForce 1 card from another PC and got the same results. Today I tried clearing the CMOS and am still not having any luck. Does this sound like a familiar problem? I don't know if the motherboard is dead or the CPU.

I'd call Asus or email them if I thought they could help me. Has anyone dealt with them directly? If so, how long did it take to get your motherboard back after you sent it in for warranty service? I bought the motherboard and CPU from about 2 months ago. Should I give googlegear a try to see if they will exchange the mobo? I have never dealt with them before and would like to get some sort of gameplan together before I sit on hold all day.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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  1. I'd ask a shop to test the CPU on another board to make sure that it's OK before replacing the board.

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