Building new computer and appears dead

I'm a novice at building computers.
I installed the CPU, cooler, fan, power supply
and video card. Connected a monitor and keyboard
and turned on the power supply and pushed the
ATX power switch on the case. The power supply
appears dead, no fans turn on, cpu fan doesn't turn
on but the green light on the motherboard lights up.
Here's the components installed in a Lian-Li USB62 case:
ASUS P4B533 w/audio motherboard
Intel P4 1.8A GHz CPU
Enermax EG465P-VE(FCA) power supply
Gainward GeForce Ti4200 64MB AGP Video Card.

The ATX 12V power connector snapped in snug but
the big ATX power connector doesn't seem to be
pushed all the way in, there is about a 1/64 of
an inch gap. I'm afraid to push any harder because
the motherboard dips down when I do. Could this
be the problem and explain why the power supply
fans don't turn on?

I also have 1 stick of memory installed:
Crucial 512MB Dimm 64Mx72 DDR PC2100 unbuffered ECC

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  1. I re-checked that I had the Power Switch LED plugged in correctly and
    finally noticed I had everything plugged into the pins on the
    "AFPANEL" instead of the "PANEL". I plugged the Power Switch into
    the correct "PANEL". Then I re-checked my big ATX Connector and
    was finally able to push it in all the way, getting rid of the
    1/64 inch gap.

    Now the system boots up, the BIOS display comes up and the CPU fan
    is running. The fans in the power supply haven't come on yet.
    The power supply is an Enermax Switching Power Supply, does this
    mean the power supply fans won't come on until needed?

    Thanks for your help!
    These boards are great, it's a great relief to have someplace
    to ask questions when it's midnight and you're in a panic.

  2. what I would do next would be to try the setup OUT of the case. Lay the mobo on top of the plastic bag it came in. Then you can also push down hard on the ATX power connector, as it will be flatly supported by your table. And you will eliminate the possibility of one of your supports grounding the board.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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