New Build shuts off and no restart during Windows 7 clean install

I am about to die here.... Need a lot of help.

Antec Nine Hundred Two Case
Corsair 850 W power supply
Intel i7 930
PNY 64GB SSD (no other drives involved)
Gigabyte X58a-ud3r
12 GB OCZ 12800 ddr3
2x Diamond Radeon 5450
Using PS2 adapter for keyboard
using USB for mouse
Sony 22x DVD burner
TrendNet internal wireless adapter

Clean brand new Windows 7 disc.

I have been trying to install and get computer up for 3 days now.

I have built over 200 computers and have never seen this, spent over 3 hours on phone with Windows associate who told me "configuration is not compatible" after just giving up on me. (funny thing is I built exact same computer yesterday with no issues.)

I have taken out all the pieces and traded/swapped around all the RAM sticks.
Every time I get past the first part of the installation and the computer reboots itself it hangs on the Windows is starting screen then computer completely shuts off.
When I try to boot in safe mode it hangs up at disc.sys then shuts down
I put in my SSD from my laptop and it started up fine
Like I said, I built an IDENTICAL and it worked until I installed a card read then it crashed so I got rid of them, plus I didn't connect the sata for the eSata from the box either and that seemed to work just fine.

I need help I'm pulling my hair out as we speak..

Thank you!
Kind Regards,

Every time I start to install Windows 7
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  1. run memtest, if that's OK, remove one vid card, try booting again
  2. Doing the memory test as we speak, the video card thing is iffy though because I tried to boot with only the video card, and the DVD drive, and the HD with no jumpers to the box and have had no luck so far. I just replaced the power supply and am still struggling, will return the motherboard, RAM, and video cards in that order if this continues, hoping not to have to though....
  3. Ran the Mem test and found out nothing it rebooted and got hung up again and couldn't get results. Took a video card out and am connected into the VGA port and running Windows 7 Pro CD again which means nothing to me at this point now...
  4. if you have a bad vid card, or bad PCI slot it can mimic these problems, trying one card at a time, in the master slot and then the slave slot, remove all the external cards, right now NIC and sound don't matter, if you have them, remove them
    first finish the memory test
  5. Do a complete zero fill on your SSD and read up on TRIM and AHCI.
  6. Hi all and thank you all for your help. Scott, I am not sure what you mean/ask I redid the hard drive so far. I am set to AHCI on all the BIOS options. Is there something you can tell/help me with instead of trying to cypher it since I'm totally wiped out on this build? I even called Geek Squad on the radio this morning in Minneapolis, MN and they weren't helpful but to say something with "hardware" LOL

    I am replacing the motherboard today because I think I can/should....
    I swapped out the power supply
    I have tried two original Windows 7 installation discs.
    I have replaced the Corsair R60 SSD with the PNY 64GB SSD.
    I have another identical computer that I built successfully this weekend without any of these problems and am considering swapping the drive to see if it even works on this computer to eliminate the drive?

    I took out all the cards and am only trying one card, I'm not sure I'm on the master slot but will try that tonight when I get home.
    Please any more specific help would help...
    Thank you!
  7. trim quote" Unlike a hard drive which can just write straight over that 10KB of space, when the SSD comes to rewrite data to its 10KB of “free” space in the now dirty cell, it must first read the retain the other 10KB of data to the drive’s cache or controller, wipe the whole 20KB cell of information and then rewrite the new complete set of valid data into the cell. While rewriting data has little impact on performance for a hard disk drive, this read-write-modify process can drastically reduce performance on an SSD in comparison to writing to virgin cells, and is one of the main causes of SSD performance degradation following extended heavy use. "
    I am not sure it means much to you now, but at a later date could, but I thought that Win 7 supports TRIM natively, read the manual you got with the drive and see if the firmware has TRIM
  8. I will look at that tonight when I pop in the new motherboard, however what's driving me nuts is that I have a 500GB Seagate Barracuda and I think it'll still shut down if I try to use that drive, however that would defeat the purpose of this particular build...
    Any/all help is greatly appreciated.

    On a different note, I am still waiting for my confirmation email from Tom's Hardware to set up my account so I can help others and I have not received it yet...
  9. look at the the third sticky in this section:
  10. Thanks lucky number 13.... Done.... Now to worry about getting this machine off my hands, fixed and ready to roll....
  11. you know solutions are always simple, getting there is troublesome
  12. OMG!! Now my problems got worse! Now the computer would shut off even before I could attempt to do anything, meaning it'd start up for about 20 seconds (last time it would be at least until Windows 7 tried to start) but now it powers down even before the installation disc does much of anything. Now I can't get the power to turn on at all after replacing the motherboard. There are 2 greenish LED's on the motherboard by the 16 pin power. I don't know what changed?
  13. What happened when you swapped the SSD with the one from the other build? The one that you said worked?
  14. I just got back from spending 3 hours at Micro Center in Minnesota. I swapped out EVERY part of that machine with the managers/techs TWICE!
    I got nothing to work actually lost a power supply in the process and still same thing.
    When I put the drive that actually installed I got same result, powers down at "Starting Windows" screen.....
    I need some major help here and even people around me are stumped.
  15. Are you sure the CPU cooling fan is operating
  16. CPU cooling fan is operating all fans are operating, the machine is so quiet when on I have to stare at everything to make sure.
    What perplexes me so is that I have the exact (well now the SSD is different) same setup that I got up and running with no problem, it did power down on me once when I connected a card reader, so away the card reader went. I didn't even hook up the E-Sata connection coming from the front of the box just to be safe.
    This specific machine has been the death of me for the past five days. I can't help but think I should call Gigabyte and see what their BIOS settings should be? I have read all about it and have the disk set to ACHI and have disabled all the onboard on the board so that it does not interrupt anything, nothing seems to work, I have put in over 50 hours on this machine alone and what's great about this is that 3 hours were with a Microsoft tech over the phone and another 3 hours were with techs at Micro Center last night..... I'd defer to either of those people at any time yet this seems to confuse them as well?
  17. since you are buildiing systems, you got a cheapo Nvidia card to try in it
  18. You will NEVER believe what I'm about to tell you..
    I spent another 4 hours at Micro Center today at their request they were helping me, all of us had no clue what was causing this, we changed every setting and tried every configuration in the BIOS, we swapped out the cards, we swapped out the RAM each three times!
    In the end we took out the Gigabyte motherboard and put in an ASUS and it worked!!!!!!
    I don't think I will be a Gigabyte fan anymore... Nothing was wrong with the Gigabyte boards, they just didn't like me or that specific computer????

    Issue was resolved by going to a competitors motherboard in this case the ASUS P6x58d-e board........ This one got the best of me after 55 hours into it and all the help...
    Thank you all!!
  19. ok I had much the same problem whith a ASUS board and went to Gigabyte, go figure
  20. How do we explain that?? As system builders, how do we explain when things like this happen?
  21. who knows what evil lurks in the mind of computers, I wonder if that means I'll have problems when I go to a SSD, I have three GA-MA-770-US3(AMD) boxes, and you can't say H/W conflict if you built one identical and no problems
  22. So with the "identical" build that I left that Gigabyte in, the same problem happened but at a later point. I have officially given up on Gigabyte... So the one with the ASUS board runs fine (which was the one giving me trouble the past four days/nights and now the Gigabyte that I installed successfully last week stopped working on me today as I was updating and installing drivers....
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