Green PS3 menu screen

I took my PS3 to Radio Shack to try it on different HDTV's and always get a screen PS3 menu screen for component and for HDMI.

I only have a PS2 game so far and I plays in normal Star Wars colors and looks fine.

We the PS3 to another HDTV and the same thing happens.

Everyone in the store says this is not the correct color.

Any suggesstions on how to get the normal black menu screen with gray icons ?
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  1. According to the FAQ section of the PS3 website, the color should be GREEN during daylight and BLACK at night. It's just an "easier to read" thing.
  2. Actually the PS3 changes it's background color each month. During daytime hours when the sun is at it's highest, the color scheme is at its brightest. As the sun goes down (this is controlled by the time and timezone settings you set) the color in the background dims till it all goes black.

    this is just an added effect to make the menu system look cool and more interactive. It is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Mine is currently Blue during the daytime.
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