When will PCI go away?

I just saw ASUS has their KT400 Board A7V8X out now. It comes with 6 pci slots!

I have a Gigabyte board right now, that has 5, which is more of the norm and I already think that is too much. I am taking up 1 pci slot right now with a firewire card, but on the new boards i won't even need that anymore. That leaves me with 5 unused pci slots.

I think they need to consider coming out with boards that only have 1 or 2 and put some better cooling, more usb, smaller board, a big fat logo, or something.

Now that there are a TON of dual video cards and firewire coming on new mobo's, what the heck are you guys using your pci slots for. I could see 1, but 5??

Just MHO

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  1. Ok, if you've got:

    A SCSI card
    sound card
    FireWire card

    You've got your 5 slots filled up. Just cause some people (like me) dont' use up all the slots, doesn't mean that nobody does.

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  2. Mines have:

    TV Card
    Sound Card

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  3. True many people do have this. But...

    Everything is getting fast now, like IDE drives, so less need for scsi now. Sound Card very true, many people have those. I'm not one, since i'm more than happy with on board sound, and my Create Lab 4.1 Speakers. FireWire card I have, but won't need anymore in my next board, since most will be coming with it. Raid comes on all boards now for a minimal cost(not if you need more than 2 though). But i'm talking more with desktops, not servers. TV-Tuner yes, unless you get an ATI AIW Video Card, which is less than the norm of course.

    I could see many people wanting a Sound Card, I have a lot of friends with nice ones and break-out boxes. Other than that new boards have on board lan, firewire, sound, raid, smart card, usb 2.0, etc.

    Basically it seems they could knock the 5 or 6 pci slots down to 2 or 3 and add something new in, not sure what though.

    <i> If you buy a pre-packaged pc, shame on you </i> :wink:
  4. Well, like the ABIT MAX series, only 3 for the AMD mobo and 4 for the Intel mobo.

    <i>Past mistakes may make you look stupid, but avoiding future ones will make you look smart!</i>
  5. I thought something called PCI Express is the planned replacement for PCI. Don't know much about it except that it's faster than AGP 8X.

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  6. My computer have

    sound card
    USB 2 card
  7. I agree that it's time something faster than PCI (33MHz) started to show up on mobos. However, 5 slots isn't as many as it sounds. For one thing, the first PCI slot is usually practically unusable, depending on the AGP slot and video card in use. Then you've got sound, NIC and RAID cards and suddenly you're looking at one usable slot left.

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