Need help with Geforce 6200 and ALL Games

For some reason when I switched back to my old card and installed its the driver, my games stopped working properly. I then got the latest driver and it still isn't working. I read in the readme in Company of Heroes that I should have the latest motherboard drivers. I did just that and it still doesn't work. I specifically tried playing Ceasar 4 and Company of Heroes. This is what happens:

Company of Heroes; turn on, sound works, intro sounds normal, but just a black screen. When it's done loading the main menu, I hear the menu music. Yet I still see nothing. After clicking around I was able to start a game. I heard of course, the sound and music and people talking but still black screen.

Caesar 4; Turn on, serria intro works but still only sound and no picture. Hear cinematic sound as well but once again, no picture. Then when it's done, I see a picture! It's the loading screen. Then the main menu turns on and everything is normal. :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: I can't find any troubleshooting on the internet or anywhere so I turned to here. Help!

The card before was a 1950 pro. The fan kept malfunctioning so I returned it and I'm awaiting new one. I uninstalled the driver from the card before installing the new one. I did everything properly and even uninstalled all my drivers and installed them again just in case. I used my old card to play company of heroes before getting the newer card and everything worked fine (on low settings of course). I'm extremely frustrated with this and tired. What did I do wrong? :cry:
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  1. sometimes drivers can be a real pain in the ass and mess things up even after you've "uninstalled" them... i've heard people recommending the use of a utility to fully remove them... although i can't find what that utility is. ANYWAY, it could be your old drivers still haunting you, so i'll try to look around for that, but you may want to consider a wipe as a last resort if its not too inconvenient.

    ...or you could just hold out for the new card...!
  2. The utility that lordaardva rk2 is refering to is "Driver Cleaner" (if you google it you can get the URL). Most of the uninstall programs aren't very good at removing all there software, and driver cleaner might help. Then install your old driver Good luck
  3. A complete reboot after uninstalling my original drivers before installing different drivers always works like a charm for me.
  4. I have a MSI 915GLM-V moboard and decided to upgrade the videocard to geforce 6200 512MB. after rebooting system the basic instructions came on, but windows was not visable. Windows might have powered upb but after instalation all I get is a black screen. I have taken the first vidio card back and got another one, with same results, black screen of death. Please help.
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