How can i make my Titan Quest IT Lags&hangs go away!

I have two 7600 GT OC on a p4 ht 3.4 oc and 2gb of hyperX memory and 500gb hd cooling system is thermalake atrix 500T extream power supply....but still i am exp. hangs and lags on varios places spcily when night and inside the caves....please help!
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  1. make sure you've got the latest video drivers, if you are experiencing this only in one game it could be a bug or something.
  2. how can i remove the bug?
  3. lol, wait for new drivers and install them 8)
  4. TQ is a real draw on systems and pretty buggy on top of it. I play it with a pretty powerful system, e6600 @2.925, 2gb ram, 8800gts 320, raptor, and still have occasional slowdowns and rubberbanding effect. All the reviews I have seen (especially with IT) complain about problems. I would say it is probably just the game. Sorry.
  5. yup, the game is awfully unoptimized... My system (E6600, x1900xt, 2gb) also experiences slight slowdowns.
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