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I got Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour and a 15.4" notebook LCD, how can i increase it to 1280*800 instead of 1024*768 in game settings dont allow for this change

Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 (2Ghz - 4MB Cache)
Mobile 945PM Chipset
2GB DDR2-667 Dual Channel
NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 (oc'ed 585 / 800 )
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  1. Your new friend is the WidescreenGamingForum. :wink:
  2. Thank you very much. I have the screen real estate, I would like to use it
  3. Any time. :)
  4. There is still a problem, i did everything listed but it will not allow me to use 1280*800
  5. Hmmm. Could be a game specific thing. Maybe it just won't support that resolution. Did you change the Options.ini file in the Zero Hour directory as it suggested?

    I don't have the game, so I'd recommend that you create an account at the site and ask there if you continue to experience problems.
  6. I have Vista and i will not allow me to modify the option.ini folder, which i can't even find. I have the Decade version, what should i do.
  7. 8O

    First, I don't think Vista would cause the problem.

    Second, "option.ini" isn't a folder. It's a file. The folder it's in is "My Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data". Do you have a friend that can help you with this? It's a little tricky explaining the folder hierarchy and modifying initialization files via text.
  8. If I can build my buddies SLI-rig for him with water cooling, I can understand what you will write. Again, any help would be appreciated
  9. :lol:

    So you can do hardware. I was just surprised that you called option.ini a folder. Do you play around in Windows Explorer/My Computer often?
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