Asus A7V333-Raid Bad preformance

Hi all.

I reasently uppgraded my comuter from a:

Amd 1200 thunderbird
Asus GF3 8200
512 Mb SDRAM 133
60 Gb IBM

to a:

XP 1800+
Asus A7V333-Raid
My old GF3
512 Mb DDR 333 Samsung
And my 60Gb IBM
BIOS Ver 1011
300W powersuply
I have all the latest drivers for graphics and AGP.

Now the thing is on my old system all games ran smoothly on high res with high detail, but on the XP1800+ it is not.

I have tried games and turned on FPS and it is over 60 but when i look around in the game it is like a low frame rate even in lower res.

I heard that Asus has heat problems wiht this MB but my CPU temp is round 52 and MB temp 29. The system is stabel and in 3DMark i can't see anythin strange, the score is round 7300.

If anyone have similar system i would like to know how it runs for you befor i go back to the store and start strugle with their suport.

Thank you

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  1. Hi again.

    I have tested the problem some more with my friends GF4 Ti 4200 now and it still runs bad, but i discoverd that if i stay in the same place in a game and look around, after a while it runs smooth, then i walk forward just a step and it gets choppy again.

    Anyone know what it can be? AGP bus?
    I run AGP 4x and aperture 128Mb
  2. Man there can be a million reasons for that and I highly doubt it's the hardware config you mentioned. Do you have the latest drivers? Are you one of those people that have icons in your systray that stretch from your clock all the way to the start button? Do you keep Morpheus or kazza on and continue to download that really bad copy of 'Signs' while you play your game? Im not picking on you, Just making a point. I've just seen many a people do some strange things, then don't understand why it takes 2 min's to boot up there OS or play games that run like crap.
  3. 52 degrees seems like a reasonable temperature, and is consistent with what I see on the systems I have here (there are 9 in the house).

    FWIW, television is 20 fps, movies are 24 fps. Above 30 fps is beyond the limits of perception for most human beings. So if you're getting 60+ fps, it seems like it should be fine.

    The jerky movement you report is probably caused by something other than the hardware.
  4. Well i know what you mean, But it's a fresh installed windowsME with only the drivers, thats all.

    I've been building computers the last 5 years now, this is my 9th i build, and i never had a problem like this.

    Anyone know a site were i can find extended info on BIOS settings?
  5. Poor performace you saw? I think I may have found a fix to your problem. Uninstall WindowsME
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