How can I reduce the refresh rate from safe mode?

My mothers monitor died and she wants to use an old monitor while waiting the 1-4 weeks for Viewsonic to repair it under warranty. Unfortunately I live 200 miles away and so I have to help her by phone.

The old monitor will not work under her display settings of 1024x768 @100hz.

The monitor works fine in safe mode, but "monitor type" and "monitor settings" are grayed out. Furthermore any changes to the resolution made in safe mode do seem to affect the resolution outside of safe mode!

I tested this on my computer. Restarted in safe mode, changed the resolution to 9x and when I restarted I was back to 1024x768 @ Hz!

Anyone know how to solve this problem?
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  1. Never mind I decided to look up the boot.ini settings using Microsoft's Knowledge Base.

    Adding the "/basicvideo" switch to the boot.ini file does the trick.;en-us;833721&Product=winxp

    So I have answered my own question.

    I am still curious to know if there are any other solutions to this problem.
  2. Depending on the video card(And I'm not sure how XP decides this at times), you can delete the video card from device manager, forcing it to attempt to redetect it on next bootup, and grab the correct display settings that way. Or such has worked for me in the past in similar situations.
  3. I am very surprized to find out that there are people that are so smart that can answer their own questions so simply as just looking a little around to find the answer.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  4. I spent over half an hour searching the knowledge base. I spent another half hour googling.

    It just happened to occur to me five minutes after I posted to check the boot ini comand switches.
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