Titan Quest- Where did my character go???!!!!

So, I've been playing TQ for about a month. I was nearing the end of the game (I assume) and I got a typical lockup. I get these about every third time I play and it is not that big of a deal as it has always saved everything I had done up to the moment of the lockup. However, not this time. I LOST EVERYTHING! My character no longer shows up when I start the game back up. It tells me I need to create a new character. Please tell me there is a way to find/retrieve my my last save. I looked throught windows explorer and could not find anything that looked promising all though I am unsure of what I need to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Do a search of your drives, using the name of your character, (I presume you are using a version of Windows) when you find a folder with that name usually under a folder called saved data copy the save data folder.
    Re-Install Titan Quest, create a new character with a new name, search for that name, over copy the save data folder that has your previous characters name folder into that location.
    Restart Titan quest and your character should be available.

    If it doesnt come back then you are really stuffed, Good luck, same happened to me after 2 years of getting my char how I liked it, I was so relived to see him back good as new, with all those lovely weapons.
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