MSI KT3 Ultra & 1.4Ghz Athlon @ 1050mhz?

I have MSI KT3 Ultra motherboard and AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz on it. Somethig seems to be wrong in Bios settings: at startup screen flashes 1050mhz rating instead 1400mhz !!! Does anybody know the right Bios settings for my Cpu. If someone asks, I don´t remember current Bios version(I wrote this from different computer) All I know that it is the latest available version.

Second problem is on WindowsME. I got error message: The PCI board was not found. Is this error message caused by wrong Bios settings too? However, every PCI-card seems to work properly.

J from Finland

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  1. read 1050MHz cuz thats what its running at......

    a Multiplier of 10.5 is what the chip uses and the FSB is set at 100MHz (100 x 10.5 = 1050) so switch it from 100 to 133MHz and ur all set..

    as for the PCI Board error message.....format ur computer...get rid of that crappy OS and DL a version of MS Windows XP Pro. Corporate edition.........

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  2. That "PCI board" is the type of weird error that some system devices show when you haven't loaded all the chipset drivers. With VIA it can be a crapshoot. As for what the last guy said, well, ME is a little slower and less stable than 98SE, but has more features. XP is a pig of an OS, if 98SE was your typical family sedan XP would be an army tank.

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  3. LoL....good way of putting it Crashman =)

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  4. FSB is now runnig at 133mhz. It worked!!! Thaks.
  5. no problem =) i knew it would work....

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