Gigabyte GA-7VAXP

Anybody got one up and running yet? I ordered one last week. Just wondering if anyone else has?
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  1. I assume you mean the 7VRXP. I got one up and running last week on a new build. For the most part, no problems. 512 Corsair XMS, AMD 2200+, WD 80GB special edition HD, Gainward Ultra 650TV 64MB, Volcano 7+. Just have a minor problem with the graphics driver stability. Looking for some help on that now in the TV/Video card forum. Relatively straight forward setup. Can't say it is the best yet, but I'm happy so far. Did you get the v2.0 board? Make sure you do. There were a lot of problems with the 1.0 and 1.1 boards. I was going to go with another board, but the Gigabyte board had all the features I wanted.
  2. I mean GA-7VAXP.. the new KT400 board.
  3. Nobody has bought one besides me.. oh boy.
  4. I ordered the GA-7VAXP recently and I should get it tomorrow!
  5. Well UPS came a day late, but I finally got it installed. Gigabyte's web site recommends only certain brands of memory for the mb, but my Corsair DDR400 CL2 memory has had no problems whatsoever, even though it wasn't on the list. I still have to experiment with changing the FSB, etc. For some reason I had some difficulty at first getting into the BIOS via my USB keyboard, but I think I may have fixed it now.
    Anyway, it's working just fine so far. Love the thermal sensors! :)
  6. what cpu are you running? and is that a 512 stick? tell me more details please
  7. Yeah, sorry. Yes it's 512mb and I'm running an Athlon XP 2100+. Video card is a Radeon 8500LE 128MB built by ATI.
  8. Good.. Im glad to see that the mobo is working good.. I was afraid by the article I might be screwed. What did you have previously to this one? Im on an old Tbird 1ghz with a FIC AZ11.. lol. Are you happy with the 2100+?... I think Im going with a 2400 or 2600.. just for the newer core. I get mine on monday. I just need some of that ram and a new case and Im set.

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  9. Now that I've had some more time to play with it, there are a couple things I'm not 100% happy with...
    First of all, it seems that when I set my Corsair memory to 400mhz ddr, sisoft sandra shows that I have *less* memory bandwidth than if I set it to 266mhz! The best I've gotten is at 333mhz, but it's a shame it's doing this. The memory, however, seems quite stable at any setting.
    Also, you can't change the voltages exactly as you want to. For the cpu, you either specify +5%, +7.5%, or +10% from the default. For the memory, however, you have the option to change it anywhere from 2.5v to 2.8v.
    Currently I have my memory at 2.6v, with my fsb @ 137mhz--stable. I got to 140 mhz, but then it started crashing too much. I do, however, like the fact that this mb supports a 166mhz bus speed for possible future upgrades. I'm curious why the 2600+ didn't work on Tom's review, though. Hopefully it can be fixed by a bios upgrade sometime in the future.
    Oh, and to answer your question, before I had a Compaq motherboard (yuck!) which almost had no options whatsoever. The BIOS was a joke. The processor was an Athlon Thunderbird 1.2 Ghz w/ 256Mb PC2100 memory.
  10. nope. I have GA-7vrxp revision 1.1 & 2.01, using samsung ddr 2700, enermax 350w psu, and sthlonxp 2000+. everytime i put the cpu onto the board all power fails in both revisions. the board burnt out another 2100+ cpu.

    so im getting a kd7-raid to last a year or 2.
  11. I also bought this board on the 4th from newegg. It should arrive in the next few days. I was concerned after reading Tom's article after I ordered.
    It was time to upgrade -- I had fic 503+B with k6-2 450 running at 500. But the bios wouldn't recognize my new 80GB maxtor HD and I couldn't find an update at fic. So time to move up. I had been outta the loop for a while so I had to re-educate myself on the latest. I would have gone with XP 2600 but you can't buy it anywhere yet. So I had hopes this board would allow me to go there eventually.
    I went with this board because the 7VRXP got such good reviews I thought the 7VAXP would be just as good, but with on chip usb 2.0 and cpu temp control. As well as give the best expandability to future for socket A. So I am interested in what works for ya'll and I will report anything I get as well. Overclocking has changed a lot since I did mine, so I will have to relearn the ropes. Following ya'lls lead :-).
    I also bought XP 2000 retail, Corsair xms PC3200c2, and cheiftec case with 400w PS.
  12. Awesome.. and so starts the revolution!

  13. What temp does everyones CPU show on this mobo? Im running a 1ghz tbird for now and it gets to 48C-52C. Ive got a Thermaltake Dragon Orb 3 on it so I know its not so much the cooler. Why is my cpu getting so hot? System temp shows 35C. Is my case too small? Its a mid size case with 2 4" fans(one on the side and one on front), and even a small fan up top.
  14. I'm running a 2100+ @ 1.78 Ghz and I get 37C as my system temp and 40C for my CPU. My heatsink is the Thermalright SLK-800 and I used Arctic Silver 3. Perhaps you should make sure your heatsink is in full contact w/ the core. Also are you using a thermal compound or a thermal pad?
  15. Yeah, pull off those side panels, and get a house fan blowing on it first thing.

    That is the cheapest/quickest way to tell if it's case cooling, or the heatsink that causing problems.

    After that, I'd see just how much pressure you've got on the retaining clip. Personally, I like to get those mica shims, and bend just a tiny little extra force on the retaining clip. You really need a vise to do it properly, but a couple of vise-grips can suffice.

    Other than that, I've got a 7VAXP comming with a 512meg PC3200 too.

    P4's @ 3600Mhz ()wNz J00 4LL!!!!!!
  16. Has anybody gotten memory on this motherboard to run at ddr400? I can set it as that in the BIOS, but if I run a benchmarking test it performs below that of ddr266, so I get the best performance right now at ddr333. I'm using one 512Mb stick of Corsair PC3200 Cas2 memory. It's not on gigabyte's recommended memory modules list yet, though. Could a future bios patch possibly correct something like this?
  17. That's severely skrewed.

    I feel something's not right elsewhere.


    P4's @ 3600Mhz ()wNz J00 4LL!!!!!!
  18. Im now running a 1700+ (due to me crushing my cpus core :)) and the 512 PC3200 Cas 2 as well.. Ive set my DDR to 400 in the bios but havent extensively tested my system yet(due to it being down) If you could point me out as where to get this memory testing software I would be happy to run it for you.

    Ok.. I ran Sisoft Sandra or whatever and it does show it to be worse that 266 DDR. I hope a bios update solves this problem.. I might as well be running my old PC133 memory.
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  19. I still think there's something not right in there.

    Or, heh.

    Something not right *elsewhere*...

    P4's @ 3600Mhz ()wNz J00 4LL!!!!!!
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