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OK, Far as the test you did with the games, not impressive.
The testing should of been done with a few different types of games, WOW, COD2, HL2 plus some RPG etc.

I have a gateway dual 1.8, 1 gig of ram, on board 256 mb video, 21 lcd monitor. Vista Home premium.

I can play Mohaa, COD, COD2, UNREAL 2004 without any problems on my onboard video card @ 1024x768, WOW i can not, it plays catch up all the time. Even at 800x600 res, no luck.

I think everyone is knocking Vista cause its new, like everything else.

So i tried something else.

I have a 10mb download/356 upload internet connection.

So i decided to run my vista machine as a host gaming server for COD, 12 man server.

Then went and used my XP machine and played on it, It was amazing, no lag, 10 players online with the highest ping of 200 = -.

I can not do that with my xp.

I like Vista, took me awhile to get use to it.

But you all should know by now, when a new OS comes out or any software, it going to be judged. Give it time.

aka Berserker65
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  1. This happens every time Microsoft releases a new OS, it just takes time for people to get used to it. Windows XP has been the longest running operating system released by Microsoft yet so a change to a new OS is bound to get people moaning. People said that the change from Windows2000 and Windows98 was not worth it but look now, almost everyone who said that is now using windows XP.

    I think as time goes on people will soon worm to the things Vista has to offer, I mean I have been using it for a week now and I like all the improvements over Vista, all be it slight it is still worth it. All the bugs that remained in Windows XP that used to piss the hell out of me are now gone, bugs like folder layouts resetting when they felt like it and a juddery old direct draw desktop that was long due an overhaul even back when it came out.

    From what I have seen from using Windows Vista Ultimate x64 it is a solid and very nice to use interface, all the programs I use work on Vista so I really have no major problems with it. I wish people would realise that old programs not working on Vista is not Microsoft’s fault it is the fault of the software developer not keeping up with the times. I can remember when XP was released I had a problem with a game called Alice and called up EA’s tech support and they told me Windows XP has just taken us all by surprise, we are struggling to get everything running with the new operating system.
  2. here here!! Well put! 8) :D

    Vista Ultimate x64 + GF8800 = :P

    And when the Lost Planet dx10 demo gets released tomorrow all non vista users will be wishing they had it!!! 8)
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