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Hey guys, I dont know much about cpus so you guys are just gonna have to treat me like a noob XD. Anyways my problem with css is the fps is very low. Some people say that there fps is like 30 or something but mines is way worst. I do beleive my fps used to do much more better like a year ago when i played css. But now with the same cpu it went horribly lower. Some peope say my cpu is old, some say there update made it lower. Iunoo, maybe i needa reboot it or buy more ram. My fps goes as low 11 or 9 or even 1 at times where u cant even move for a sec. When i join maps like ice world it'll be an average of 20 which is so far good for me. When the server has like 20 people than it goes way down. I use to be able to play on servers with 50-60 people and let it run smoothly. Any ways heres my cpu stats. Ill just put down what i know.

Video card: radeon 9800 pro
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
3.00 GHz. 1.00gb of RAM

Please help me guys i__i
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  1. That system is more than capable of running css. Granted the hardware is dated a little, but so is the game. Honestly I dont know how you play the game with <50fps, but good on you for being able to ;) What graphic settings do you run at?
  2. All i know is, everything is set to the lowest
  3. Make sure you got the latest drivers. Catalyst 7.4 I think.
  4. will the Catalyst 7.4 help?? What do i do, just dl it and install it and my fps should automatically go up?? Not to rush you or anything but i got a scrim with another clan on monday lol. But i am currently dling it and ill see if it helps or not. Even though i dunno what to do with it when im done.
    Plus when i do the video stress test in cs it comes out with an average of 50 fps but when i do it again it lowers to like 47. And when i play i get an average of 20, 30 when im lucky, 50-60 when its 1 on 1 or 2 on 2.
  5. Your fps may not go up at all. It depends on what drivers you were already using. If you were using the ones that came with the card, well... thats not ideal.
  6. so what now?
  7. Well did you install the drivers? I'm guessing you still have the problem.
  8. I'm running CSS with a 2.53 P4, 6600GT, and gig of crap ram. I get in the 70-80's in the worst fps maps and 90's plus on the smaller maps, running 1024x768 with a mix of medium and high setting, along with some basic AA added in. Something that was an issue for me were some programs that were bogging the game down while I was playing. A spyware (Counterspy) program running was one of them, so you might want to shut down some "active monitoring" software and see if it helps. Also, my kid had me turn off explorer after X-Fire and CSS were running, which also improved my FPS in game, then alt tab in and out of the apps you need during game play. when you're done, turn explorer back on of course.

    Something else that will help is to get a decent config that helps in the area you are looking to improve. I have one you can try that is ok in the Cal/Cevo arena.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Owen
  9. 9800pro. i had one of those, update the drivers, i did and things went a little smoother, could play MOHAA really easily, but once i put DOOM3 on things got a little slow.

    CSS should run on the lowest settings with that card and you have MORE than enough RAM. There are sites out there that can help you get your FPS up a little, but it involves enabling the the developer console.

    For example, you can remove things like the rubbish, debris and particles in the levels that can fly around from the developer console, that should mean your GPU and CPU have less to process and concentrate more on the other things.

    I don't know the commands exactly so google the subject or mess around with the console, it usually list commands if you type /help in the console, but sometimes pre-empts you you if you type the first few letters of the command and scroll down the list.

    all else fails get rid of any lighting effects (HDR off) and particles.

    either that or dig deep for a new card. :D
  10. Hi i got css on my dads new pc but i i got a good internet but im not sure of the pc stuff so heres my stuff and tell me if its good enough to play css or if u know wats rong.

    processor:Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80 GHz 2.79 GHz

    Hope you can help.
  11. graphics card?

    onboard graphics is gonna struggle if your playing it without a graphics card.

    you processors ok and RAM's a plenty, by the way, you got 1014MB wheres the other 10 MB? :? for 1GB it should be 1024MB. not that it matters.

    but yeh post up what your graphics card is, to check this do the following:

    start-->run-->type "dxdiag"--> click yes if the popup window comes up-->click the display tab and you should be able to see whats driving your graphics.
  12. someone says that getting a new mother board will help. Is that true?? will it really help?
  13. wat i called ill say wat i think it is.LOL.

    main driver:igdumd32.dll
    chip type:Intel(R) 82945g exspress chipest family
    current display mode:1024x768 (32 bit) (75hz)

    all direct x features endabled
  14. Nope onboard sucks for playing anything newer than quake 3 really. Even on lowest possible settings it will not run great.
  15. hmmm, so if i get more ram will it help? or a new video card. Or both or just get a new comp >.>
  16. Maybe windows is bogged down, when did you last reformat? Your pagefile may have become corrupted or fragmented, do you defragment often?
  17. the amount you spend on RAM could be saved up towards a New graphics card.

    pick one that'll suit your computer, just make sure that you get the right slot type, If you mobo has a x8AGP slot, then look for AGP cards, and if its PCI-E then look for a PCI-E one. pretty simple :D

    just find one, save up and buy it, hell you could probably get a second hand one off ebay, I'll be putting up my 6800GS's once i get me 8800GS's.

    If your using onboard graphics, your going to get nowhere and NO AMOUNT of RAM is going to improve graphics performance with OBG.

    but if you need help chosing which card to get, then look at the hardware guides.
  18. get a videoooooooooooooo card
  19. To the OP, how many bots are you running (if any). On my system, if I run any more that 12bots (stock CPU) or 14(oc'd) I get horrific FPS (below 20 in intense fights). Thats only running @ 1024x768 with 4xAA & 8xAF. My system is fully optimized, with the latest drivers and is regularly defragged.
    Just some food for thought, unless I have a problem too! :twisted:
  20. somethings wrong with your software my old pc is a p4 2.4ghz with 768mb of ram and a 9700pro and it runs CSS perfect on high settings.
  21. I think i already talked about that lol. Something probably is wrong with my computer. And to the new video card, I have a radeon 9800 pro. I know its like 3-4 years old but it should be able to handle Css pretty fine. Maybe i do need to reformat. Will defragging really help my computer? As in helping i mean bring my fps up by like 30-40.
  22. I have a similar problem. I play counterstrike source and it has worked perfectly for the longest time, until now. My fps went from being 100 constant to 9 and i cant figure out why. I've tried updating my drivers, putting in a different graphics card and reformatting.

    Video card: nvidia 6800 gt
    Intel(R)Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz
    2 sticks of 512 ram *1 gig total
  23. WOW, orochikid, maybe first you should learn a bit more about computers and how they work before you go complaining that you don't have a killer fps rate on a rig that can EASILY run CS:S.

    Ok now that my rant is over, I'd suggest defraging the hard drive and if that doesn't work, reformat.

    It's an easy (free) fix for a slow, aging rig.
  24. WOW, decaff maybe you should learn to read cause i think i already said that i was new to the whole computer thing. It's the first sentence i wrote in this subject.
  25. ok its been way over a year and i still have the same computer. I got a new video card which is the 7800 and the same issue occured. the solution was very simpole. dust out my computer, now my fps jumped from 20-101
  26. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 with Windows XP and 1 GB of RAM and a Core 2 Duo 1.6 Ghz, as well as a Raedon X1300 GPU with 256 mb Vram and I can play CSS at around 20-40 FPS. Try doing what I did. Make a new account and set your Windows theme to Basic/Classic. And don't have a desktop wallpaper. Maybe try to defrag the ram and HDD as well as clean the registry. It worked for me anyways.
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