A7V333 and Athlon XP 2200+ problem...pls HELP

Hi, currently I have ASUS A7V333 Revision 1.01 ( BIOS Ver. 1011 ) motherboard with Raid, Firewire, USB 2.0 and etc. My processor is AMD Athlon XP 2200+ ( Thoroughbred ), and
according to AMD web site where they listed all the recommended motherboard, AV7333 can support this processor since revision 1.01 and BIOS 1007. My question is, This processor run with core voltage ( Vcore ) 1.65v,so how to set the vcore to 1.65v when using jumpered mode ? Because according to the manual book provided and the latest manual in ASUS website, the minimum vcore that can be set is 1.75v/1.725v, that is more than it need and produce more unnecessary heat. I e-mail to ASUS regrading this issue and they suggested just set to 1.75v although it only need 1.65v. So, anyone have better solution or anyway to set to 1.75v in jumpered mode ? Can vcore voltage set to 1.65v in BIOS when using jimper free mode ?

Thanks ... thank you ... thanks a lot in advance .....

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  1. I run an A7V333 with an XP2200 as well.

    In jumpered or jumperless mode you still don't have control of everything. The muliplier is controlled by the L1 and L3 bridges, so unless you mod the CPU you won't be able to control the multiplier from the BIOS. I've seen talk of modding the CPU to change its voltage as well, so I think that works the same way.

    I'm not positive that my CPU is running at only 1.65V (I'll check tonight if I remember), but I do know that it runs fine and runs pretty cool (air cooled - about 47C idle, up to about 51C under full load).
  2. There were quite a few post about this issue, most relating to undervolting. Anyway, if I remember, you need to be in jumperless mode, so make sure all the FSB DIP switches are OFF. Look for the 4 VID jumpers, just north-east of the CPU socket. Remove the topmost jumper cap from VID4 and keep it in a safe place, set VID3, VID2 & VID1 jumper caps to 1-2 ( left ) so the pin #3 ( right ) should be empty. You should now be able to set the voltage to the desired range.

    Good luck...

    Fok Speling Misstake
  3. SidVicious, according to you, too bad I only can do it on jumperless mode. But, as far as I know, once we use jumperless mode, any setting to that VID jumpers will not take effect and all the jumper caps need to be set to 2-3, right ? Correct me if i'm wrong. Futher more, the VID jumpers setting you mention ealier doesn't stated in the manual book, so may I know what's the setting mean ?

    Once again, thanks a lot to everybody !
  4. Yeti, I think what you mean is that the Vcore voltage is locked by the CPU itself just like the multiplier, that's mean we can't change it unless we unlock it. But, I don't think I'm good enough to do that, so I don't think I gonna try that. Thanks any way.
  5. wbchen99 - Aye. I don't KNOW that, but I've seen some information (some talk of modding bridges to affect the Vcore on the same pages that talk about unlocking the multiplier, but I ignored them at the time since all I wanted to unlock was the multiplier) that suggested that's the case.

    I checked last night however on my system (A7V333, XP 2200+). The CPU is unclocked, running 11x with a 166MHz FSB. With the CPU voltage set to Auto it indicates 1.65V and looking at the BIOS's hardware monitor it says the Vcore was 1.71V. Changing the CPU Voltage to manual I could select various voltages (1.65 was the lowest), but I didn't try to actually set them, and I'm guessing that it wouldn't work any better than trying to set the multiplier manually prior to unlocking the CPU.

    But anyway... it looks like it automatically configures for 1.65V, so you should be all set!
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