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This is question about XBox360 capabilities as a DVD player, so I am not sure that this is correct forum, but I could not find console hardware discussions.

Anyway, I know that XBox360 connected to HDTV via component, and can transmit 1080i. My question is: can it upscale the DVD movies? How does it compare with the usual upscaling DVD players in quality?

The reason I am asking is that all upscaling DVD players that I could find require HDCP and have HDMI output, while my HDTV box has component and DVI inputs, but it is not HDCP compatible. So I wonder if I can cheat the system and use XBox360 as an upscaling player.

Thank you for you answers.
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  1. I don't know.... But I would be interested to find out.
  2. The 360 does upscale through VGA only and it is pretty good,nothing through component. I have a samung upscaling dvd it is not very good, my pioneer dv 400 that goes to 1080p it is pretty good, but both only upscale through hdmi.
    You can also get a receiver to upscale for you , I have a pioneer vsx84txsi that does a very nice job but it is also hdmi, There are some older models that you can find that upscale for you through component. The best upscaling dvd player for component would be a modded original xbox, its picture was better then my samung's through hdmi, it also has alot more options as far scaling and is just like a htpc if you install a large HDD.
  3. The thing is that I can not find ANY upscaling DVD player or receiver that can output to component or DVI without HDCP. NONE are on the market. I guess my best bet is to use my old computer and VLC player (it is windows 98, so VLC is the only one that runs there)
  4. An htpc would work , so will an old xbox
  5. Connected PC, it works. But I have no idea how good is upscaling in VLC player vs standard upscaling DVD players.
  6. Hmmm… I upscale to 720p via component on my 360 and it works very well, very clear and crisp. Now that I have Vista Windows Media Center going through it, it can now upscale all the stuff on the PC too. Saying that if you mean upscaling to 1080i then I don’t know since there is no use doing that on a 720p LCD.
  7. How do you know its actually upscaling does the tv show the input signal? Mine does and it wont upconvert, but then again i have a less then stock 360, and have been testing with hdmi for a while. But i remember on xboxscene discussing it.
  8. Quote:
    Q. Does the Xbox 360 upscale standard DVD movies?

    A. Absolutely, but only if you’re using the VGA connection. During the so-called “Spring Dashboard Update” Microsoft enabled DVD upscaling over the VGA connection, so if you’re using VGA you’ll see movies in whatever resolution you’ve set in the dashboard. However, this is only over VGA. Also, with Fall Dashboard Update, standard DVD movies will be upscaled to 1080p on displays that support it, again only over the VGA connection.
    Link Here

    Could be wrong about the composite but I could have sworn the TV was showing in 720p when watching DVD's as there is no resolution switching taking place when I switch to the dashboard and back to the DVD…
  9. Yes, thanks guys for the replies. It looks like XBox360 can do upscaling but only through the VGA. Too bad, they could have my money...
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