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Unreal 2

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Last response: in PC Gaming
February 28, 2003 1:31:53 AM

Anyone else dissappointed with the game? The game purely lacked gameplay. Graphics are great but does not make the game worthwhile. well im waiting for halo to come out and c how that stack up with my favorite half-life.

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February 28, 2003 4:50:51 AM

Yeah, wasn't terribly impressed. I think an Unreal3 and UT2004 is in order soon.

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February 28, 2003 6:41:27 AM

When's Counterstrike 2 coming? That's the one I've been waiting for, though I've read the graphics won't be particularly hi-tech. And, of course, DOOM ]|[. When the hell is that going to be released. We all need to know how much to upgrade our computers so we can play it. Lol

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February 28, 2003 8:02:03 PM

Unbelievably disappointed! you sepnd almost as much time in the cut scenes on the ship as you do on missions.... what a waste.

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March 2, 2003 3:26:48 AM

Slow and bulky. Wasn't worth the wait! Slows down terribly when even playing on a P4-2GHZ with 384 MB RDRAM and an ATI AIW 9700. Turn off all eye candy...and perhaps it might play better...but what for...isn't that what you buy Unreal 2 for? I'd wait before spending the $$$

March 3, 2003 4:37:41 PM

Depends on your system...
I used to play it with an XP1900+, 256MB of SDRAM and a Geforce2 Pro, then I upgraded to a Geforce4 Ti 4200 @ 290/640 and it loads up fine now.

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March 6, 2003 8:30:24 PM

I frequent the rage3d board and there are many many problems with this game. It is really NOT the game that UnReal 1 was. Another botch job on people for ATI Cards.