Does anybody know about Elements Monitors? I have been trying to find a website on them with no luck so I was wondering if anybody heard of them.
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  1. Never mind I found a site on them finally

    <A HREF="http://www.elements-pc.com" target="_new">http://www.elements-pc.com</A>
  2. I know this is old, but I found this forum on google so everything lasts forever. In any case I own said Elements CRT screen, 20". I've owned and continuously used this screen for over 10 years. The only issue I've ever had is that in its twilight years, as is common in many CRTs, the brightness has washed out. I went looking for the Manufacturer, including the above website. But they appear to have folded up.

    So from one Customer at least I say, Good Job. RIP Elements, RIP CRTs. Long live the flat-screen!

    (Looking at this 10 years from now, RIP Flat-screen. Long live the wallpaper house screen!)
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