I need to copyright this before anyone else does!

While talking to some coworkers today, I am coining a new term. Remember folks, you heard it here first (i hope)

Wiflex. (Wi-Flex) As in, "my wiflexes are better/faster then yours." Used to put ownage on those who can't control their character as well as you can while using the Wii. BTW, this is different then Elmer Fud trying to say "reflex".
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  1. Would wiiflex not be better?

    You know if someone said that to me I would call them sad then throw the remote thingmy bob at there head...
  2. LOL, I guess we now know who has bad wiflexes around here....

    I hadn't heard the term before, and I can't believe I came up with it. Imagine that, me on the front of something.
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