What the f are my motherboard specs...

I bought a Compaq Presario 8000Z Model:8QSXE1 a little less than a year ago. I know. I can't for the life of me tell what my mobo specs are(i.e. KT266 etc.).

AMD Athlon XP 1500+
512mb Crucial PC2100 DDR(PC2100 means it can't be KT133, that I know)
40gb Maxtor 7200
GeForce 2 MX 400 64mb

I also dl'd BIOS agent to check my mobo specs and here's what it found:

BIOS date: 09/21/01(which I upgraded yesterday to 03/28/02)
BIOS Type: unknown (probably cuz it's a sh**ty Compaq)
BIOS ID : unknown (same as above)
Chipset : AMD 700E rev 20(I couldn't find any info on this)
Superio : VIA 686 rev 64 found at port 14h (heh?)

I don't really know what to make of this. Oh, I know my FSB is 133mhz. I really want to know so I know if I can upgrade to PC2700 or if I need to upgrade my MOBO which I know almost nothing about. I tried looking at the actual mobo itself but I was confused. Still new to the do-it-yourself method. But I'm getting better at it. Slowly.

One other question I had which I probably should ask in another forum(memory)...Would it be smarter to upgrade to 2 sticks of 512mb PC2100, a total of 1024mb(as opposed to 2-256mb sticks, what I have now)or upgrade to PC2700? Would PC2700 give me that much more of a boost? I'd probably have to upgrade my mobo in order to do this though.

I appreciate any and all input. Thanks.
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  1. Download Sisoft's Sandra <A HREF="http://www.sisoftware.demon.co.uk/san_dem/html/dload_x86.htm" target="_new">here</A>. That will provide you with all the info you need. Or get <A HREF="http://gamershq.madonion.com/download/?3dmark2001.shtml" target="_new">3DMark2001Se build 330</A>. It also has a good system info feature and that will give you a chance to benchmark your PC.

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  2. Thanks for the reply Oracle. I have 3dMark2001SE build 330. I just checked my system info and my mobo model is 07BCh. Now I remember. I've actually looked up this info on 3dMark and did a search for 07BCh motherboard. I didn't get jack in the results.

    Is anybody familiar with this motherboard and could tell me the actual specs? I know it's got a 133mhz fsb, 5 pci slots, 2 memory slots with up to 1024mb max memory, and uses PC2100(PC2700 maybe as well?).

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