Nethack tty and #commands

Hi, I'm new to the forum, so, greets to all.

Some days ago I discovered that I love tty nethack. So, no more tiles for me.
But, unfortunately, I have a problem: the #commands.

In the graphic interface, I used to press #, and to write the command down. No problem with it.

but with the tty interface, when I press #, the game doesn't let me enter the command, it says "unknown command 'M-eccetera". :cry: (for example I cant' enter twoweapon combact)

I tought maybe being europen (italy) my keyboard is somewhat different... don't know... maybe someone as an explanation I tought.

I hope to have been clear, if not, just ask.
Thank you for your time

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  1. Are you sure that you type them the right way? Such as #twoweapon, #sit, #rub...?

    At least my European (Finnish) keyboard works as it should.
  2. I have to correct myself, If I press, for example Alt-r, I can rub. But if I press #, there's no command line showing (says unknown command). In the graphical interface it works, I press #and I can write the command. But it doesn't work for the tty.

    I can execute all the commands like rub,sit ecc pressing ALT , except twoweapon, because when I press Alt-T, it says "you don't know how to turn undead". So the only way in that case is typing it all, but I can't because the # key says unknown command.

    So, lol, now the problem is how do I enter twoweapon combact? eheh

    However, it seems strange that I can't get to type the #commands (even if I execute them pressing Alt+key, as an alternative way)
  3. Ok I made confusion, pardon my noobishness.

    Someone can tell me (please) the precise command to enter twoweapon combat?

    It's the only command I can't execute.
  4. I tought of having resolved the problems by setting numpad:0.
    But not, still couldn' get # to work. the meta keys worked fine, but some other commands were still inaccesible to me. (the keys @#[]ù really didn't work at all, my keyboard seemed gone crazy)

    I finally resolved, by downloading and using the DOS version, with the dos version all work as it has to work.
    I wonder why the win version (tty) screwed my keyboard that way.
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