Xbox 360 question about overheating.

Okay. Now I finally have the money to get a 360 for my own. But knowing the first batch of the consoles have overheating problems to mention with that foil thing in the thermal compound area. Some say get an extra cooler with the 360 since it does overheat and I've also heard that the newer batch of the 360s are better and does not have overheating issues anymore.

My room is not hot and not cold just right on the summer time. About 75-80f with the windows open. No A/C as too much electrical bill already.

Is this true that the newer batch of 360 do not overheat and how would I know which one is the newer batch? Can you give me an online store that sells this newer batch of the consoles? Thanks.

........The reason I'm going for the XBOX 360 is the Motorsport Forza 2, since I have the PS3 and it will be a while when Gran Turismo 5 comes out next year. ..........
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  2. Is online shopping your only option? Going retail will almost guarantee a recent model because they're usually better about cycling their inventory.

    You shouldn't experience any problems with heat anymore. I got my system in Feb. '06 and haven't had a problem yet. Just as you should do with any piece of electronic equipment, give it room to ventilate. Don't place it on thick carpeting; don't place it on top of other equipment with out a large gap of separation; and don't place it in an enclosed space where the hot air can't escape.

    Should you have any other problems, the warranty has been vastly improved since launch: Product Warranty Microsoft Improves Xbox 360 Warranty

    You shouldn't need to take advantage of it, but it's nice to know it's available.
  3. VBdude gave good info for you, I have had many 360's and repaired a few myself, the major overheating issue was with the extra peice of foil you were talking about so anything in stores now will be good. I would not worry to much on overheating as much as the 3RLOD, its still happening with the new systems like the elite's.
    my most reliable 360 is a launch day console, I did change the thermal compound and internal fans. Also changed the dvd drive as the hitachi was loud.
    As far as external fans be aware they make alot of noise, you can here it over the 360 and its no quite by any means.
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