Starcraft CD key Please help!!!

I've lost my original Starcraft box when we moved to our new house, and now when I want to play SC, I can't log on to If somebody has an original CD key for SC, and not using, please send it to my mail: Thank you in advance.
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  1. Nice try, but I don't buy your story.

  2. can you still go out and buy this game anyway?
  3. Well, that's the problem. I would gladly buy the game if I could find it in a store, but it looks like no copy of the game is in stock in my country. Maybe the Gold edition will be re-released now that SC2 is announced, perhaps that's my only hope.

    Llama_Man: If you don't believe me, well, it's your right.
  4. Sorry if I came across as harsh. Unfortunately, we get a few people who come in here expecting help with pirating games. You wouldn't believe some of the stories they come up with to try to pretend to be legit. As a result, I tend to be a bit sceptical - especially if the poster is new.

    Whilst sympathetic to your plight, I can't imagine many people willing to give up their CD key, and thus not being able to play the game online. It is, after all, one of the finest multiplayer games ever made.
    Your best bet is to try online stores - who tend to stock a wider range of games than high-street shops - or even ebay (although beware pirated copies there).

    Is there no way to recover your CD key some other way? Through Battlenet perhaps? I can't imagine you're the first person to lose the CD...
  5. Which country are you in?
  6. The game could be recovered if you can prove to blizzard that you bought it. Unfortunately I bought the game a long time ago, so I don't have any paper proving I bought it, and I lost the box with the CDs in it, so no proof:D. I think I'll try an online shop, though I dunno how much money the delivery costs, because I'm from Hungary, and that's not just a trip to the beach e.g.:).
  7. You can still buy Starcraft and Starcraft Broodwar... most software retailers carry a "chest" (both games) for about $19.99. You can also go to

    Amazon sells them as well.
  8. Hey man, I'll give you my old one because I do not play anymore, on the stipulation that you don't spread it and stuff. Email me at Tieniscool AT gmail

    I'm only doing this because a person gave me their D2: LOD cd key a while back and so I'm feeling nice. Consider it your lucky day.
  9. Man, I can't thank you enough:D. I sent the mail.
  10. Let's leave it at this, shall we? Everbody's happy.
  11. good!let it be
  12. ya same frickin thing happened to me, i have the case and cds but i dont see the cd key sticker, i did get this when it came out, and i just recently found it, i know it sounds like a very fake story but what ever, im not lying
  13. I picked up SC and the Xpac for £5 a few weeks back for my new build, off eBay.
  14. ffs Necro'd >.<

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  15. Apparently I have to close threads to avoid them getting revived...*sigh*
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