ASUS A7V333 Probe temp reporting

It would seem that older versions of the Probe software report a higher CPU temperature than newer versions.

An old copy of Probe says my CPU temp is around 55C, but the latest version says it's around 43C. Huge difference!! Is this because Probe is now providing a more accurate temperature reading, or is ASUS making it seem like their motherboard runs the CPU cooler than it actually is?

BTW - My BIOS reports the same temp as the old Probe. Which is higher than the new Probe reports.
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  1. I noticed that my voltage readings changed with a BIOS update (on an A7V333). My +12V went from +13.3V to +12.8V. My CPU temp seemed to drop a couple degrees as well. It's hard to say which is more accurate, but it is definitely interesting to note that changing either the Asus Probe SW OR the BIOS can cause some changes.

    Now... what I'm wondering is, does the Probe SW convert raw values, or is it using what the BIOS gives it, and if it's using what the BIOS gives it, does it compensate for differences in readings from different BIOS versions?
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