simcity a cpu hog?

so ive got simcity 4 and a new video card x1550 with 256mb. now my cpu is a p4 @ 3.06ghz. i can play the small and medium cities with no problem, however, when i try and play my large city, the things comes to a crawl. i have 1 gig of pc4200 ram and while watching task manager, simcity is using 99% of the cpu, the 1gig of ram has 850mb being used. i leave task manager running in the back ground to check and the lowest the cpu level goes to is 97%. what is going on? is simcity 4 that big to take up all of my cpu?
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  1. Honestlly I am not sure how old Sim City 4 is or the system requirements. But here are some things to try. I am assuming you have XP. Try closing out all you can in the System Tray, printers, any P2P crap, AIM, whatever is minimized to the tray. Do everything to free up the CPU and Memory. And do not keep Task Manager open. That can take up to 4% of your CPU just having it open at times. I had a buddy who had issues with running Roolercoster Tycoon on his his P4 and he bought my old AGP 6800nvidia and it ran like a champ. Again I do not know what Simcity 4 needs to run but those are some things to try. At 850MB it could be swapping files with your hard drive to much and slowing things down to. That is likely actually.

    A P4 is becomming dated, if you play alot of games it might be worth upgrading your whole system. A budget system can be had for $600+ if you want to cut corners and such. Just thoughts. My Athlon XP 3200+ just wasn't cutting it anymore so I had to upgrade myself about 8 months ago.
  2. simcity 4 was released in 2003, so i would figure that with the system i have, it should be able to handel it. i know that task manager takes up cpu too, but i still should not be at 99% the entire time right. the min, requirements are like 256mb of ram and im at 1 gig. if i were using the vir. memory i should be over one gig. my video card has 256mb of ram. as for the system tray, everything is closed except, ati tool, realtek audo, and maybe one or more things. im not connected to the internet with this computer and havenet been sence i got it, so i know i dont have any viriuses. the only thing that seems to be using all of the cpu seems to be simcity. i was planing on getting a second gig of ram but i dont think that that would help here.
  3. When 99% of the CPU resources are used it is not a fault it is the game taking up all the resources so that the rest of the PC cant barge in and cause your game to stutter. Also 2GB’s of ram believe it or not will actually help as this game does horde memory, and swap file is no good for games as it is in literal terms about 100x - 200x slower than your physical memory.
  4. I think it's time for a new machine. HAHA sorry that is my answer for every Pentium 4 owner. Actually they are getting rid of the Celeron brand name as the lowend chip and Pentium is replacing it, with the Core2 as the mid-highend. Actually they are comming out with an E2100 that is supposed to be $90. And overclocks to perform in the range of mid-Core2 chips. Come on, if that doesn't sounds awesome or what :wink:
  5. im actually going to build a new computer with in the next year. this computer is going to be my media center pc. i got an hp a1116x-b for $500
    it came with a p4 3.06ghz, 512ram, 200gig hd, media center xp, light scribe dvd rw/rom and a 17" lcd monitor. so i grabbed it. that was about a year ago. i just figured with a video card i could finally play simcity 4 with it. i thought about getting another mother board, but the only ones that i can find that are any good are the friggin micro atx boards. but hey, thanks for the help.
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