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I have reformatted a friends HDD and then reinstalled WIN98 as it was really slow. however the main problem i reinstalled has not improved what i had hoped.. there IE was always blurry when they went on it. the picture quality is so poor it is unbleivable. They are running a 486 pc whic has 128 RAM and is running win 98.

I have checked for conflicts and the only question mark on any hardware is the PCI card which is the ethernet card and i can not see that as a problem. I pasted a picture from a floppy onto the desktop viewed it on IE and the picture was blurry.

Anyone have any ideas wat could b wrong. I asked the guy who had the PC before my friend did and IE worked fine with him.


kabir hussein
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  1. That's not IE's fault. Your friend's computer is junk by today's standards. I doubt anything is technically wrong with the computer, the 'blurriness' you mention is probably from a very out-dated video card trying to display 16/24/32 bit colors.
  2. What kind of video card is in the PC and how much memory is in it and what is the bit depth is set in the video settings and what's up with those people that are still using a 486 with 16 colors video card.

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  3. 16 color video card? d00d, even my 386 had a 256-bit video card (made by Western Digital in fact).

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  4. Hi
    many thanks for the replies. when i first saw the pc i thought the same that the graphic card was so old etc. But it does make sense why the previous guy who had the pc a year or so ago had no problems with the IE.

    This is why i am puzzled. Does anyone have any idead how much a normal graphic card cost.

    The pc that my friend has was brought by her from the company she worked for as the had updated their computers to new DELL pc. As she wanted just for internet use it does what she wanted except for the graphics thats is.

    kabir hussein
  5. Have you checked what kind of bit depth display is? What is it? A so-so PCI can be found in any body's closet for $10 bux, I can even sell my Matrox 4MB for $39.99 if there will be a need to get read of it;)

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  6. It could be running onboard or ISA graphics.

    Wonder if I still have one of these boards lying around???

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