FS:High End SLI Gaming Computer. Great price.

am selling my gaming computer, as I have begun traveling extensively any rely on a laptop primarily now. The Specs are

-Intel Core 2 DUO E4400
-MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard with coper northbridge and mosfet coolers
-TWO EVGA 7900 GS KO video cards already running in SLI (two videocards acting as one for near double the performance)
-Two 1GB corsair DDR2 sticks running in dual channel mode
-Around 600 GB of HDD space
-PCI PATA controller
- PCI wireless lan card
- Thermaltake purepower 550watt sli certified power supply
- 1 DVD rw dual layer drive and one 52x cdrw drive
-All fits nicely in antec p180 case
- Windows xp professional

If you are interested in overclocking and do some research online you will find that this cpu is actually an underclocked e6600 with a little bit less L2 cache. It runs stable with a 1ghz overclock on stock cooling and in many cases out performs the 6600.

Two additional options are a Viewsonic 19 inch lcd monitor model number vp930b excellent for gaming(no ghosting at all super quick response time). Extremely bright colors. The 2nd option is a complete watercooling kit for the system. A Koolance exos II external cooling kit with all neccessary fittings, waterblocks, and flowmeter for this motherboard and processor. This cooling system retails for close to 400 not including the neccessary blocks and attachments.
You can get either the monitor or the watercooling for 180. or both together for 325.
This is a great SLI computer( I suggest doing some research into the overclocking capability of this setup should you be an overclocker) I don't know how much I've put into this machine as it is all near top of the line components, however I'm certain that my asking price is a great deal. Please contact me with any questions as I'm sure I have forgotten to mention something somewhere in this description. You may also call me at (213) 250 6045 x 126 this is a phone number redirect. Dial the first digits and then the 126 extension when prompted.

Buyer to pay shipping

oh and various tv out and dvi-analog, etc cables included.
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  1. price?
  2. lol, sorry. Base price of computer is 900. The monitor and watercooling are 180 apiece. Important thing to forget to put. Email or Call me to negotiate.
  3. price for e4400 and sli 7900 gs?
  4. it's a 7900 gs ko *overclocled gs* and the two are only for sale as sli systems
  5. Quote:

    One bump every few days is enough. And while you are at it, please remove old bump posts because they do not server any purpose anymore.
  6. I'm willing to split parts if they are a significant enough parts, like cpu, mobo and vga.
  7. last bump before I retire this thread. He's just a lonely box of aluminum looking for a new home and a loving master. Think of the box for god's sake!!
  8. YGPM about the two 7900GS cards...
  9. That's actually a pretty good price for that box...
  10. 800 to 1.1k am i somewhere correct?

    wait a sec. its for 900. thats a good deal.

    how much is everything seperate ( the things you can sale separately of course.)
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