P4 3.6GHz "Prescott" cooling issues

Upon deciding to build a new system I chose the ASUS P5AD2 Premium, along with Corsair DDR2 XMS2, an Enermax 600W "Noisetaker" power supply, and a P4 775 560 "Prescott" processor. I've not been able to install XP Pro because the system shuts down due to overheating during the install - the system idles at 65 degrees C. Following Intel's advice, I purchased a new case and the problem persists. Intel is now shipping me a new P4. After removing the questionable processor, upon close examination of the motherboard, I found a pin missing in the ASUS motherboards’ processor socket. ASUS tech support reviewed my situation and stated it was not anything I'd done and suggested I go back to the vendor I'd bought it from since it was still in the first 30 days following the purchase. AJUMP.COM REFUSED TO EXCHANGE THE BOARD STATING I HAD DAMAGED IT.

As for as the board goes - I believe it to be a great choice offering the best in expansion capabilities. I took months deciding upon my components. I've found ASUS tech support to be excellent. Corsair was also excellent in helping me with the correct settings for their memory.


Austin, TX
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  1. first of all, i hope im not too late to reply to this =)

    ive just built a new computer too in January right after xmas time, i had some nice components too but not as good as urs, ur components r like top of the world pc parts, ASUS P5AD2 Premium wow !

    i had p4 3.26 gigz processor, kingston ddr2 533 1 gig ram, 420W psu came with raidmax scorpio case, x600 256mb vcard for now and such, when i tried to put up my computer, the CPU reached over 73C and it took me DAYYYS to figure out whats going on, i even borrowed my dad's "Heat censor" laser gun thingy which costs hundreds of dollars to test if the heat monitor on my motherboard was right, and even scraped off intels thermal paste, but it got worse, CPU reached over 90C lol
    so, i figured it must be the thermal paste's problem so i bought this Arctic Silver 99.9% silver compound and it lowered my CPU temperature to 40-45C average, another thing is, LGA775 sockets r really dumb, u gotta take out the board and push the heatsink fan down really REALLY hard on the mobo box to make sure everythings alright (always flip the board over to check if the pins r pinned down)

    so that should help if theres a overheating problem, but if a pin is missing in the motherboards' processor socket, i really dunno, but u should try my suggestion to see if anything gets better, i hope it helps

    Ontario, Canada

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  2. Thanks for info.

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