Quake 3 HELP!!!! Hosed OPenGL

Somehow Q3 just stopped working. I can see the first ID screen but no logo movement. When I try to exit it alerts me...
I uninstalled-reinstalled Q3 several times with no luck. Even did the same for my detonator 6.5 driver. What hosed that file and how do I fix it?

I installed the openGLsetup also and it didn't fix it either. Could it be something that dirx8 did??

Help soon- I want to frag!

Screw the risks! -Street
-AMD 1470Mhz-Abit KT7A-Raid-256Mushrev3-Fop38
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  1. goto nvidia and get there driver and install it

    will reinstall that missing file
  2. Speaking of Q3 help...HELP! I can't make the timedemos run anymore. Anytime I enter the command 'timedemo 1' and try to play one of the demos, the screen will flash and then take me back to the main menu. This happened after I upgraded to version 1.27 of Q3. I was able to run the timedemos with no problem running of the installation of version 1.11. My system is as follows:

    PIII 866
    GF2 GTS 64 mB
    Det. 6.5

    Anyone help???
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