newbie wants a new mobo fer AMD

Hello! I'm sure this is a regularly recurring post -- I tried to search for one like it to no avail, so here it is again :)

I'm new to this mobo thing, but it looks like Asus, MSI, and Giga-byte are good (the best?) boards to go with. Now I'm learning that platform processors are important as well, and I think there's VIA, SiS, and nForce to name a few. I also see myself trying some overclocking.

So, I want to purchase a solid board with the future in mind. I don't mind spending the extra cash for a good mobo.

So, what should I get? And should I wait? We can keep waiting, right, cuz they'll continue to put the best stuff out while we wait. When do I hop on the bandwaggon is the problem. :)

Thanks so much for your help!

P.s. when does the nforce2 come out?
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  1. Hey P,

    I know you want this mobo right now..........but when do you NEED this mobo by?

    What will you be using this OC'ed mobo for? What features do you need on-board?

    My take on your question is this: Wait until the end of the year. In this time the Claw-Hammers & Bartons will be out. From there sort out your needs vs the cost vs performance. It my be you only need a KT266A mobo or a better video card & not a cpu/mobo upgrade.......... or you may feel you need a P4 with the newest flavor of the month chipset/mobo, if money is not a issue.

    Decide when you need to have this system by, & do it all at one time. Remember this, the mobo brand clues you in on the overall quality of workmanship(build) of the mobo, the Chipset clues you in on the performance of the mobo & the bios clues you in on the performance you can squeeze out of the mobo by tweaking.............I only say "clues" because, even the best brands sometimes ship "DOA" mobos, the same chipsets don't always perform as well as each other, & sometimes a lame bios chip maker will offer a great bios flash that turns a so-so mobo into a rocket. If you stick with AMD, look for mobo that support DDR speeds faster than it's 133/266 FSB...........everything faster than 266 is a over-clock of sorts & is not officially supported by AMD, with this in mind, the mobo maker is telling you it knows you bought this mobo to OC & is going to try to help you out with a decent bios. Good Luck to you, I have had great luck with MSI.

    Peace Out...................tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
  2. If you can, wait a few weeks (days) for nForce2 reviews and see if it supports Barton (no Barton support on nForce2 would be a shame). That chipset will (most likely) rock AMD's world according to already released specs. But I'm telling you to wait for reviews since there's a whole world (or two) between PR Hype and actual performance.
    KT400 and SiS746 are great chips too, but Barton support is yet uncertain.

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  3. Texas Techie posted some stuff about Hammer.... he says that it may be pushed back again to march or 2003, so no end of year launch....

    I think that all KT333 mobos will have support for the new 166MHz FSB Athlon XPs.

    For a good compromise between features, stability and overclocking, get the EPoX EP-8K5A2. It has most things except for FireWire and RAID.

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  4. Hey C,

    Aw Shucks!, I was really looking forward to a Hammer Christmas!Oh Well, I was planning to keep my MSI KT3 Ultra ARU, unless it does not support the Bartons.

    I like EPoX mobos, & the 8K5A2 is a great choice. I am using MSI mobos a lot right now, because they give you so many extras with the mobo.

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    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
  5. Hey, I've actually never used an AMD system at all. I just hear a lot of good stuff about the 8K5A2s.

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  6. future? there's no such thing as future when it comes to computer hardware. It's top of the line today and obsolete tomorrow. Your motherboard is more likely to become obsolete before your processor (don't get me wrong... faster cpu's come out quicker than new motherboards). I mean the chipsets and features change a great deal on motherboards. Each generation of cpu, memory, video card is more than likely better utilized by a new motherboard (not saying new hardware won't work with an older board but if it hurts performance why waste the time?). Motherboards are usually cheaper than your cpu, memory and almost always cheaper than your video card... that's if you're buying mid to top end components.

    Buy what's the best board for you right now, what has features you'll actually use, a price you can live with and performance/reliability that's near the top. Shuttle is a perfect example of a company that makes a good quality board that is reasonably priced. After building as many systems as I have, you start to realize those extra pci slots (5th slot, 6th slot and that ever popular CNR slot), that 4th DIMM slot and that RAID are usually features that don't even get used by 75% of the people who have it on their motherboard.

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