Can someone give me some advice? (Iam a computer novice)

Ok, recently my computer literally exploded lol 8O . I havent upgraded my computer in a long time and i have alot of questions because i dont know much about computers. If someone with alot of broad knowledge could lend me a hand would be much appreciated :D
My old computer had these specs:
-1gb DDR ram (cant remember the mhz)
-80 gb hd
-asus p4s800 agp/ddr old mother board lol
-p4 3.0ghz intel proscessor
-512mb 16xagp sapphire Ati video card DDR 2
-250w Power supply (which was the cause of the explosion i think?!)

Those were my old specs and my motherboard processor and power supply are now toast cuz i was trying to run the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl and my computer couldnt handle it.

I now plan to build a new computer, and some advice/feedback would be absolutely appreciated and helpful. So heres my plan:
I want to keep the same HD 80GB, I need to get a new power supply i was thinking 350w at a decent price, i definately need a new processor for the price i was looking at the E4300 core2duo intel processor. I need a new motherboard now one that can mount the E4300 and one that takes DDR2 memory now instead of DDR. I will also put some more ram onto my computer so i was thinking 1 gb of ddr2 + another 512 of ddr2 memory
and i want to keep the same video card my ati 512mb sapphire because i belive and correct me if iam wrong that it is a decent card.
The questions i have are:
What motherboard should i purchase?
Should i go with the core2duo e4300 for the price?
Will the core2duo support S.t.a.l.k.e.r and any upcoming games?
Will 350w be enough to power my computer without another explosion?
Will a newer motherboard with pci and ddr2 slots still support my agp videocard?
And should i keep my 80gb hard drive?

Anyways, whoever takes the time to read this and answer back would be a god to me lol :roll: :o
Thanks again!!
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  1. hmmm all I can tell you is if you go for the e4300 you will need to buy a completely new system you cant use any of your old parts besides like your hard drive and case.

    you will need DDR2 ram which you can get 2 gigs for like 100$
    then you will need a pci express graphics card, you can get like a x1950GT for 130$ your old graphics card sucks.

    Then of course you will need a new motherboard.
  2. I dubt 350w will be enough and your hardrive probably sucks. It will bottleneck your whole system most likely. get 2gb of ram too.
  3. Those guys are right and your AGP graphics won't work with newer MB's unless you get an Asrock.Read the forums for awhile and do a little research,it will save you some time,money and headaches.
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