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Hello, After months of playing, I have basically wore myself out of playing Oblivion, I beat all the main guests and all the quild quests, as well as the numerous side quests and was wondering if you guys/gals wanted to share with me - and the rest of the readers - what your favorite modern RPG is that has great graphics comparable to or better than those of Oblivion. I prefer PC RPG’s similar to Oblivion such as those that you run around in a fantasy medieval world and kill goblins and zombies etc while working on quests.

I have a very fast and capable computer with the Core 2 Extreme x6800 chip and the 8800gtx graphics card and am looking for something to replace Oblivion during my gaming time. I only speak of my computer simply to let you know that it can run all the modern 3-D games at very high quality and speed (FPS).
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  1. I went from Guild Wars for 1 year and a half, to Oblivion (knights of the nine, shivering isles), now i'm playing WoW (2 weeks), what a stepdown... so if anyone has better suggestions aswell, i'm up for it.
  2. There are 4 game out atm that are like oblivion:

    two worlds
    gothic 1, 2 and 3
  3. Well - Gothic 3 is the obvious choice here, but be advised that some people hated it.

    I personally have played about 30 -35 hours and enjoyed most of what I've seen (I haven't finished the main quest). I think the graphics are quite good, and you can kill lots of orcs if you want. If you do try it be patient: The beginning is choppy and disorienting. But after the initial battle it gets better. I don't think anyone has been able to solve that occasional stutter when the games loads new area. You sort of have to get used to it and deal with it.

    Gothic 1 & 2 are among the best RPGs ever made IMO but they are graphically a gen behind Oblivion. If graphics are your main concern you should probably skip them. If you like plotline, gameplay, and atmosphere they are both can't miss games.
  4. It has to be Two Worlds without a doubt. I loved Oblivion and Two Worlds is a very similar game. No house buying thought unfortunatly!
  5. Two worlds is out already? How did I miss that?
  6. Quote:
    Two worlds is out already? How did I miss that?

    Its not out in America yet, it will be out here next month.
  7. Well I'm in Thailand. If you want a copy of it i'll gladly send you one.
  8. I'm just glad to hear it lives up to expectations.
  9. Yeah it's good. Lusher and more panoramic scenery than Oblivion. Less repetitive caves, funnier dialogue, better magic making spells and weapons.
    Oblivion ruled but Two Worlds is most certainly up there as a good time consuming, girlfriend neglecting title.
  10. I just checked out Two Worlds. All I gotta say is, "wow." That game looks rather diesel.
  11. Thanks everyone for your input regarding these RPG’s. I am definitely going to try out Two Worlds, it sounds great. Hopefully I can download it somewhere since it was mentioned that it is not officially available in the US yet.
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