can 400mhz mobo run 533mhz...

Hey guys, i know that most decent 400 mhz motherboards like the ones from asus , abit or gigabyte allows you to push the fsb to 133mhz thus reaching 533mhz quad-pumped.
Does this mean u can run the newer P4 'B' cpus that require 533mhz bus speed? I know that in quad-pumped boards, it is complex enough to decode the clock cycles and the 33 mhz could possibly ruin things up.
But i would like to know if someone is using the 400mhz boards with the new cpus , in a reliable and stable fashion.
Thx for you help.
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  1. Most decent 400MHz mobo are designed for overclocking and will easily handle a 533MHz or higher.

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