Gaming on a 22inch wide screen LCD monitor?

how is it guys? im i might be able to get one cheap is it worth the upgrade? i have a 17'' CRT right now. oh yeah what games do you play on your 22''? how do they look?
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  1. That was my upgrade exactly and if you have the card to handle 1680x1050 it might be the best gaming upgrade you've ever made.
  2. I would say go for it, i have a 17"CRT atm, but i would buy the 22" LCD anytime if i had the money :D
  3. It's very nice. I'm gaming on a Samsumg 226BW. The games I occasionally play are below. All look and play great. Once the "wow I have a 22" monitor" feeling wears off I really don't notice a difference between the 226BW and my 20" Apple Cinema Display once I'm in a game. Considering how affordable the 22" monitors are I would say go for it nonetheless.

    Madden 2007
  4. I did the same upgrade for reasons other than gaming. I needed more desktop real estate. However I found that games are just fantastic with a widescreen. You get such a better perspective. Supcom is awesome on it since there is so much wasted game play space used by toolbars and such. FarCry is just spectacular. It's the BEST gaming upgrade you'll see. Just make sure your card can handle the res at a good detail. What vid card do you have? what games will you be playing?
  5. right now i have a 7600GT but im prolly going to upgrade to a X1950pro 256mb.

    the games i play are medieval 2 total war, FEAR, battle for middle earth, and AOE 2(still a classic ; ) )

    do you have any suggestions of good games to play?
  6. If you haven't played it HL 2 looks fantastic on a 22" widescreen.

    With an added bonus that a 7600 GT runs it great at that res. 7600 GT doesn't choke at 1680x1050 until episode one.
  7. Running a 22" wide is sweet. Running mine at the native resolution of 1680x1050 on games like Oblivion I get about 30+fps outdoors depending on where I am. Abselutely BREATHTAKING. Running 8800GTS 320
  8. I just upgraded from a normal 19" dell CRT to the new Samsung Synmaster 22" wide (2ms response time).... the monitor looks beautifull, but the graphics even more so.

    22 inches are also very inexpensive vs. 2 years ago.

    I just wish starcraft had more than 1 resolution (800X600)... :cry:
  9. Starcraft is 640x480, even worse. You're going to have to wait until Starcraft 2 to make use of that screen. I have the same screen. CnC3 looked beautiful, as did a number of other games like doom 3. I got the cheap benq FP222W or something, and the backlight bleeding is horrible. Don't get it, as I'm exchanging this for a different one.
  10. i want one tooo :(
  11. im getting a 22 inch widescreen and I think it will rock in games. Espacially since I love strategy games and the extra space will help LOADS!!!!!
  12. I managed to get one of the last ones as BestBuy during black friday for $200, should have gotten 2!!! I do lots of video editing but playing games like HL2 and FEAR are awesome, can't wait for my X1950XT to up the ante on my resolution. Its a Westinghouse which tends to have a hard to notice light leakage on top and bottom. I also have one stuck pixel which I tend to forget I have from day to day because its so hard to find with a 1680x1050 display. 22" is the last stop before you reach the 1920x1200 24" displays!

    Forgot to mention how fun Starcraft 2 will be to play. I guess I do have the HD projector downstairs to use as well... :oops:
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