Chipset fan died!!

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The chipset fan died. Should I be worried? What should I do??

-Paul2200 :)
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  1. Toss it. The chipset fan isn't that critical, unless you're doing some extreme overclocking. If the rest of your system is running at normal temps, you may not need to replace it. But if it gives you more peace of mind, you can pick up one starting at about $7 at Fry's electronics or similar retailers. You can find them online. Pricewatch has speciality venders listed under cpu-fans, or check my favorite vender, newegg.
  2. Any specific fans you'd recommend?

    -Paul2200 :)
  3. Thermaltake makes a round, blue one for about $7. Arctic silver makes an adhesive, or you can do what I did, use super glue. I pried off the heatsink on my radeon 7500, and replaced it with an old duron heatsink and fan, using super glue.
  4. I have one of those MB's. For some reason the northbridge chip on mine did run really hot even at stock FSB speeds. My fan died right away. I just put on one of those Zalman chipset coolers with AS adhesive. It has been much cooler since then, and even now that I have been running the thing at 166MHz FSB speeds. I don't know if it is absolutely critical to put one on, but it has let me rest better at night.
  5. o1die, do you mean the <A HREF="" target="_new">blorb</A>? Would this be suitable for the mobo's chipset?

    -Paul2200 :)
  6. which Zalman chipset cooler knewton?
  7. Blorb is fine. If you'd rather not use a fan, you could glue a Pentium passive cooler on it. Just offset it toward the bottom so it doesn't block the CPU cooler. If you wanted a better fan, you could use a 486 cooler with 40mm standard fan, these fans are quieter, more reliable and have better airflow. If you really want good cooling, you could glue a PIII cooler on it!

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  8. Is an adhesive really necessary? My chipset died too, but I just "clicked" a new one onto the motherboard. Should I be worried that it might fall off?
  9. here is what I used:

    even without a fan it stays at a temp slightly above ambient. much cooler than before. I just ground off those bolt hole thingies sticking out of the corners so there would be no possibility of interference with the CPU heat sink.
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