FarCry 1.40 Patch + lighting artifacts fix?

Hi Guys

Ive gone back to playing farcry for a change, and ive read that there are problems with the game and later drivers that you get lighting artifacts. And ive seen it.

When you rise all video options to max and play the game you get lighting artifacts and ive seen if you raise all options to max and leave the lighting option to low the Lighting Artefacts are gone.

I have a 6800 card. Does anyone know if the 1.40 patch will fix this texture problem?

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  1. Just install the patch and you'll find out soon enough.. I didn't had any lighting artifacts with my 8600gt... and farcry was up to date...
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    The problem is that i only have a dial-up and the full standalone patch is 180mb will take me around 20 hours to down load just want to see if the patch will work before i download it over a full day.
  3. Ow, well i can't guarantee you anything.

    Don't you know somebody with a cable connection? Who maybe want to download it for you and burn it on a cd?
  4. Yip thats true, ill get a mate to get it for me. And i only can try to see if it will work.
    Thanks for your help.
  5. No problem, good luck with everything :wink:
  6. I recently installed Far Cry onto my new PC and for some reason it's not working as it should.

    The menu system works fine and so does the very start of the game. However, when I move to the part where it goes outside the picture goes all psychedelic. I took a snapshot below which highlights the problem - in that instance only half the picture was affected, but when I move closer to the light it's completely unplayable.

    I've installed the latest patch (1.4), the latest drivers for the X1950Pro gfx card (7.5) and the latest DirectX. I've had no problems with any other games - does anyone have any idea?
  7. Do you have this problem in other games to? Like oblivion or something
  8. The only games I've tried are Half-Life 2 (incl Lost Coast) and Enemy Territoy and I've had no issues whatsoever (on max settings).
  9. It could be just far cry, but maybe its wise to test it in more games. Like atitool artifact scanner, oblivion worked for me to. (the 8600gt before this one was broken, it had broken VRAM, and oblivion and far cry gave me the same problems, thats why i say oblivion)

    You can try 3dmark05/06 too
  10. I'll try and download some demos and see if the same happens.

    Would I be able to tell if anything was wrong by running 3DMark05/06?
  11. Okay, I've been doing some testing and I did as the OP suggested (stick the Light options to Low) and the problem disappeared. I stuck it back to Medium and it came back.

    Hopefully, that means it's not a gfx card issue?
  12. Do you have both HDR and FSAA enabled? I got similar images, and this was the case for me (7950gt with latest drivers). Try disabling AA when you have lighting turned all the way up.

    I'm using patch 1.33 by the way.
  13. Yes, I had the works enabled. I'll have a try of that.

    The other thing that is weird is that all of the human characters are blue!? 8O
  14. If you are getting artifacts in other games or in 3d mark, chances i would think, is a over heating problem or power issues. But you say you dont, so that cant be it.

    Farcry has alot of issues with newer cards/drivers.

    I found when i installed farcry and had it on max settings i got alot of artifacts. I found by lowering the lighting detail to 'Low' and have everything else on high seems to fix most of the artifact issues. Try to play with the details settings. Start with everything on low then slowing increase the detail levels and see how it goes.
  15. Thanks, I'll try 3DMark to see how that goes.

    ATi have released their 7.6 drivers today so I'll download those too and see whether it makes a difference!
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