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computer restarting after i shut down?!!

Last response: in Motherboards
September 14, 2002 7:54:52 PM

I just put together a system and every time I shut down windows xp the computer reboots itself. does anyone know how i can fix this problem?
September 15, 2002 4:53:50 PM

what mothetboard and PSU dou you have?

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September 16, 2002 1:42:20 AM

I have a p4 2.53 on a ecs p4vxad w/ 350watt psu
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September 16, 2002 3:22:22 AM

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September 16, 2002 6:08:27 AM

Thanks for the help... now i know that theres an error when shutting down

error message says "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL"
I have taken all the pci cards and booted the computer and shutting down with the same error...
anyone have any ideas?
September 16, 2002 6:15:04 AM

Are all of your drivers updated? Also, what version of XP are your running and is it updated? I know Win XP had that problem when it was first released.

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