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I am in the process of building my new computer right now, and have run into a few problems. The one I want to ask about is whether anyone else has run into a problem with the secondary IDE port. I have an Asus DVD-E616 and a Western Digital Caviar 80Gb hard drive, and I can't get both of them to register when they are on different cables. The ONLY configuration I've been able to get them to work on is when the DVD is the master, the hard drive is the slave, and they're both on the same IDE cable and that's plugged into the Primary IDE port. I have the Asus P4S8X, and since it's so new, I'm hoping that it's just a BIOS problem and that it will be fixed after a while. Any help would be appreciated. I'm also about to install a sound card, but I'm waiting to do that until after I install the O/S. Hopefully the problems will correct themselves after I install the O/S. My system specs are:

Antec PLUS1080AMG
Western Digital Caviar 80Gb
Asus DVD-E616
Asus P4S8X
Hercules 3DProphet II MX (About to get a Radeon 9700, hopefully tomorrow)
Pentium 4B 2.4Ghz
Generic floppy
Mushkin PC2700 512Mb High Perf Level 2 DDR 222 (2-2-2 timings)

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  1. Assuming you have and are trying to use the Serial ATA ports on your motherboard, I'am not sure but, I believe that Serial ATA does not support ATAPI Devices.
  2. Do you use cable select? Try not to (eg. set the jumpers on the drives to master/slave according to their position). Also I believe the WD drive has jumper settings for master(single) and master(w/ slave). Check this out and try different jumper settings/combinations. I think this is the problem.
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